When to Get Your AC Cleaned?

by John Cina seo

Air conditioners become increasingly important in the summer season. Some people even leave the AC on for the entire day. This high usage warrants that you clean your unit frequently. Your air conditioner doesn’t just cool your home, it also cleans the air in the home too. This cleaning process is performed by the filters that are fitted into the unit. These filters trap the debris and dust in them and ensure that only clean air is allowed to enter the room. However, the filters can’t perform their job effectively if they aren’t cleaned regularly. Moreover, negligence towards AirCon cleaning can also result in airflow issues as well. So, how often should you clean your AC? Let’s find out.

Clean the Air Filters Every Month

Air filters of the AC need to be cleaned on a monthly basis. If you have been using the air conditioner continuously, it is best to check the filters after every few weeks. This is important because a clean air filter can protect the evaporator coils from being damaged. Cleaning the air filters regularly will increase their life and allow you to continue using them. The air filters of most AC units are easily detachable. You can clean them yourself with consummate ease. However, if not cleaned frequently, the air filters will become too clogged with dirt and dust and would have to be replaced. Failing to replace the air filter on time could result in the accumulation of dust on the evaporator coils of the unit.

Let Professionals Clean the Evaporator Coils

You should ideally be having a look at the evaporator coils of the AC unit twice every year. The fins on the evaporator coils are delicate and can get damaged if they aren’t cleaned frequently. Unlike the air filters, the evaporator coils of air conditioners are not that easily accessible. You need to have the right tools and some professional experience in order to inspect and clean the evaporator coils. Therefore, it is a good idea to have this task performed by a professional. You should ideally be scheduling routine maintenance of the AC unit after every six months. It is during this maintenance check that your evaporator coils can be serviced and cleaned too.

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