When to Get the Hair Treatment?

by Meera Pandey Makeup Artist

There is a time in our life when we feel bore with things and want some changes.  Changes of thoughts, changes like work, changes in your looks, etc. Well, I don’t know about the other changes but I can give suggestions on how you can change your looks. We wear different kinds of dresses, ethnic, western, etc but find the same look every time. Sometimes you experiment with makeup, tried different shades of lipstick but something was missing. We Indian girls prefer not to experiment with our hair, maybe because of traditional rules like long black hair is good for girls. But the time has changed and we should change too.

If you are the one bored with the same old hair look, you must scroll down for further suggestions. I am not saying that you should have changes all of a sudden. A small change can also do wonders. But before start playing check how wider your field is?  I mean to say that check what you need for hair treatment

  • Identify your hair problem
  • What transformation you can afford
  • If everything is perfect, what changes you can opt

To help you out, I am going to give you some suggestions in this blog about what you can do and when you must do-

Permanent hair straightening- it would not be wrong to say that the market is full of straightening tools and products. Many girls buy those products and repent later for dry and frizzy hair. These hair straightening tools are temporary solutions. Almost all girls like silky, smooth, and straight hair.

When to get permanent hair straightening treatment?

Have you ever observed the structure of your hair? If it is half wavy and half straight, it can create an awful look. If you are a person with a heavy schedule and always rush to work, you should go for this treatment. So when you feel your life is going to be hell lot busy go for this treatment.

Hair smoothening- girls who don’t want pin-straight hair can go for hair smoothening. In this process structure of hair remain the same, so girls with already straight hair can opt smoothening. Girls with stubborn curls may not find satisfactory results; there are other treatments for them.

When to get hair smoothening?

Our hair is exposed to pollution, heat, dust, etc all day. Constant exposure can make your hair frizzy, so if you feel your hair has turned frizzy; it is the right time to get the treatment.

Hair rebonding-  before looking at what happens in this process, check the structure of your hair, is it wavy, curly, densely curl, etc. If you want to change this structure of your hair, go for this hair rebonding treatment without any doubt.

When to get hair rebonding treatment?

If you are bored with your curls and waves and need a change, go for rebonding. The result last upto 6 to 8 months.

Global hair coloring- there are many hair colors and highlights in the beauty industry. Choose the one which flatters your skin tone. Taking an expert’s advice will be good for you before getting started.

When to get global hair coloring?

There is no perfect moment to get this treatment but if you feel you need a transformation or want to weed out the odds, go for hair coloring.

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