When Is The Right Time To Start Invisalign Treatment?

by Dr. David Dayan Orthodontist

Invisalign are one of the best alternative treatments to traditional braces in Brooklyn. It is painless and affordable treatment. The aligners are designed from strong plastic that effectively holds your teeth and makes it straight in no less time. Invisalign should be worn at least 20 hours each to get an effective result in less time. However, the time of completion of aligners varies from person to person and their tooth condition.

Invisalign are better options for all individuals who want a beautiful smile and doesn’t want to wear metallic braces. The demand for invisalign is growing day by day due to its effective end results and affordability. If you are the one who long waits for a straight smile and doesn’t want to wear metallic braces then invisalign are a great choice for you. If you are looking for the best health plex orthodontists in Brooklyn, contact to One Love Orthodontist.

Who is eligible for this treatment?

Any person who wishes to straighten their teeth is eligible for this treatment. However, invisalign are preferable for adults and children. A person having straight teeth is not eligible for this treatment. Furthermore, in such cases when a person’s teeth are distorted can seek this treatment.

What is the right time to start this treatment?

Well, the present time is the right time for this treatment. As early as you start as early you will get effective results. There are no such guidelines for this treatment. If your treat is distorted or not straighten you can wear invisalign hassle-free. Each person is different so there is no age issue to wear clear aligners. When asking is it the right to wear aligners? It’s depending on the status of the teeth and mouth.

There are two ways you should to the dentist before wearing clear aligners:

12-Year Molars: Also known as second molars, these perpetual teeth more often than not eject between ages 11 and 13. These teeth ought to be available before putting in supports.

Primary Teeth: You likely have heard these alluded to as "child's teeth." While invisalign can be set when primary teeth are as yet present, this can prompt longer treatment times in light of the fact that the primary teeth still need to emit. It's ideal to hold up until all the primary teeth are no more

Age more than 60: Individuals whose age are more than 60 are not eligible for wearing invisalign because their bones become weak and their teeth cannot able to handle the pressure that come from aligners.

How long does it take to recover?

The time taken for recovery depends on the amount of distortion that person has his/her dental arrangement. Hence the time of recovery depends on the desired position of the teeth. Although wearing aligners for one year is not a big problem because they are transparent and unnoticeable. If you are the person who feels hesitating in front of friends with braces, then contact to DC37 orthodontist in Brooklyn which offers you the best straighten teeth treatment with various insurance plans.

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