What You Need to Know Before You Get Dental Veneers and Their Advantages

by John A. Consultants

Dental veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are colored to look like the actual teeth cemented on the front sides of your own natural teeth.Veneers are a safe and easy way to address a number of physical and aesthetic teeth problems.

These veneers are permanent and the installation should be done only by a professional dentist.There are different types of veneers that you can choose from depending on the kind of procedure and result you want.

Porcelain veneers are the most commonly used veneers across the world.These veneers are known for their easy preparation and their proper placement on the teeth.Remember that veneers are not the same as crowns or tooth implants.The installation is a less painful procedure that is used to replace old or lost teeth surfaces while implants and crowns replace an entire tooth.

Advantages of having veneers on your teeth:

Easily fixes broken or chipped teeth – We all know the stress that comes with having a broken or a chipped tooth.You don’t have to lose the entire tooth or get an implant. You can easily have it covered with the veneer and get your smile back. Veneers are firm enough to hold your tooth firm without breaking it.Most Roseville dental services are able to give you a clean veneer job on any tooth.

Easily whiten your smile – Teeth browning due to lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking coffee and eating highly pigmented foods can take their toll on your teeth, making them unattractive.A shade of yellow or brown covers the enamel,and this may affect your self-confidence. Roseville dentistry will use dental veneers to whiten your discolored teeth permanently.Veneers are known to be stain-resistant, so you won’t have to deal with discoloration in future. Veneers can be used to remedy severe discoloration or uneven coloring of teeth that cannot be fixed by any other type of whitening procedure.

Replace damaged enamel – The enamel is the strongest part of the tooth but it still gets destroyed.Overzealous teeth brushing and acid reflux are some of the causes of enamel damage in most people. Lost enamel doesn’t grow back but fortunately, it can be replaced.Veneers are an excellent solution to enamel erosion or abrasion, making the tooth look new.

Fixing minor cosmetic problems –Gaps in the teeth and unusually shaped teeth are some of the problems that veneers can easily correct.Though many people choose to use braces, Roseville dentistry will in most cases advice the use of veneers to take care of these problems if they are small.

Veneers are known to last longer, more than a decade depending on the kind you have installed. Invest in veneers to help you fix your smile!




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