What to Do to Help Soothe Your Baby and Make Him Sleep?

by Darfashan Parveen A Passionate Blogger Who Loves To Read And Write
Babies, at times, can get very fussy. They may scream out of the blue or wake up crying in distress in the middle of the night. You may not understand every time why is your little one crying and how to soothe him to sleep. When not even nursing him or singing a lullaby helps to calm him down, what can you do to soothe your crying baby?

Rock him. Babies love calming motions as they remind them of the movements in the womb. 

Swaddle. Swaddling or wrapping a baby in a thin blanket keeps him warm, makes him feel secure, and also calms him down. Swaddling helps the baby from being disturbed by his reflexes.

Check if it’s a digestion issue. Babies often swallow some air while feeding. Remember to make him burp after nursing him to expel the trapped air and avoid any discomfort. 

Understand your baby’s functioning. Newborns are more challenging to handle in the beginning than later. You need to be patient and understand his habits during the first few weeks, most importantly, his napping and feeding patterns. This will help you prepare his routine and soothe him quickly.

How to make your baby sleep?

Wait and Watch your baby’s sound of the cry
Do not rush to scoop up your baby for a cuddle just because he is crying. Pay attention to understand the sound of his cry. Sometimes, babies semi-consciously fuss for a minute or so and then settle back to sleep. If you notice an escalation in his cry, it is your cue to respond. Check whether he is hungry, cold or overheated, wet or soiled and requires feeding, dress or diaper changing. Then, do what needs to be done.

Study your baby’s sleep pattern
Newborns generally sleep for around 18 to 20 hours a day, sleeping for longer stretches and waking up in intervals to feed. Gradually, their sleep time reduces to a handful of naps during the day and eight to nine hours of sleep at night. 

A baby’s sleep cycle is very short, around 50 to 60 minutes. (Sleep cycle means the transition from light to deep sleep.) You need to study your baby’s waking and sleeping patterns so that you are prepared for him before he wakes up. When the baby doesn’t have to wait for his mother to attend him, the chances of him being fussy substantially fall, and he quickly gets back to his sleep.

Create a comfortable sleep environment
Mothers tend to use a portable crib for their babies so that they are not disturbed. Do not keep unnecessary items like extra pillows and comforters in the crib. Dress your infant according to the room temperature; you shouldn’t be overheating him. Keep things calm around him. 

If you are a new mommy, give yourself and your bub some time to adapt to the new environment. Over a couple of weeks, both of you will start to settle in a routine.

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