What to do if QuickBooks is not able to export Excel?

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One of the greatest advantages of using QuickBooks is that the users are allowed to export and import data to spreadsheets and Excel. This saves a lot of time and energy that go into manually entering the entries into QuickBooks. At times, the software cause issues while transferring the files. One of the reasons for this issue is that QuickBooks not being able to identify the Excel installed on a system. This occurs generally, when the user upgrades the software. If the update is not successful or carried out properly then the error can prevent the QuickBooks to export data. The user might want to export data such as account receivable and transaction journal to the Excel sheet. The users need to have an overview of this issue, it causes and the resolution. They can also get the professional QuickBooks Support if they are not able to deal with it on their own.

Cause of Excel Export problem

 Some of the common reasons why Excel export does not go smoothly in QuickBooks

·         MS Excel Software gets damaged

·         Any damage to QuickBooks Software

·         The File Registry not working appropriately

How to fix this problem when Excel Export is causing issues?

If you have been facing the issues with Excel export in QuickBooks you can seek the professional QuickBooks help. The customer help can be reached telephonically using the QuickBooks 24/7 Support Phone number. The technicians on the other side will help you to find a quick resolution to this problem. Use the QuickBooks help number for seeking the help.

You can also try following the given steps and see if the problem is still persisting.

·         Launch the customer center

·         Look for the transaction in the transaction pane

·         Right-click on the transaction to see the transaction journal

·         Choose the transaction Journal

·         Go to Microsoft Excel and open a new Worksheet where you can export your data.

·         You need to open the Item list before you can proceed to open the report

·         Locate the list and choose open item list

·         Choose the report that you want to export under the report menu

·         Click the Excel drop-down menu and click on the email for exporting the report to Excel

·         Accept permission to Export

·         Open Bank transaction Export, which will open the.CSV file which can be exported to Export

There are numerous types of exports that you can carry out as the Excel export

Bills Export: change the bill export into a.CSV file and export it to the QuickBooks.

Calendar: This export carries the export of the items listed in the calendar.

Contact Notes: you can create the notes on contacts to add the relevant information. You can export these notes using the contact notes export.

The QuickBooks Import Excel Error

The users can import the Excel sheet into the Point of sale edition of QuickBooks. The point of sale tracks the sales and inventory of the small business. If you have been registering the information in Excel you can import it to QuickBooks Point Of Sale without the need of starting from the scratch. The Excel sheet will be created in QuickBooks as a new file applicable to the standards of QuickBooks.  You can reach out to the professional QuickBooks Customer Service if you need any assistance with the process. You can also follow simple steps and get it done.

This is how you can import the Excel sheet

1.        Choose the option “File” from the QuickBooks menu.

2.        Go to the drop-down menu and choose “Utilities”.

3.        Launch the Data Import Wizard by clicking the “Import” and choosing the option “Next.”

4.       You will have to choose from ‘Customers’, ‘Vendors and the ‘Inventory items’ as the option that relates to the data you want to import into QuickBooks. For example, if you want to import the data relating to Inventory then choose the option Inventory and choose the ‘Next’.

5.      Choose the option ‘Custom file’ to enhance the flexibility while translating the spreadsheets and choose ‘Next’.

6.   Click on the ‘Browse’ option and navigate the Excel workbook. You can seek out to the QuickBooks Customer Service if you need any assistance with the steps.

7.    A drop-down box shall appear named ‘Data is on sheet’. Select the sheet you would like to import. There will sheets labeled as the customers, vendors, and inventory, choose the one that says inventory.

8.      Choose the options file mapping from the drop-down menu and choose ‘open Mapping dialogue box’. The box entails all the fields potential for the QuickBooks spreadsheet and asks you to pick the related fields from the spreadsheet in Excel.

9.        Go the drop-down menu and choose the option that says ‘Import Data’.

10.     Click on ‘Save’ and choose ‘Next’

11.     Click Import

This shall import your Excel data; if not then seek the help of the professional QuickBooks help.

The users manually enter a large number of transactions in QuickBooks. The data can be imported and a lot of the hassle can be saved. At times the QuickBooks can show the import errors. There are several reasons or conditions why these errors may occur. The users need to get the professional QuickBooks Enterprise Support for sorting out the issues concerning the QuickBooks.

The Intuit suggests that the users should import data only when there is a chunk of it and manually entering the transactions is impossible. At times a business may use the Excel sheet to keep a record of its sales and may want to upgrade to QuickBooks. It can do so by importing the data to QuickBooks. The user has the option of selecting the exact data he wants to import from the QuickBooks. If he needs any help he can contact the QuickBooks Support Number and seek the help. The technicians at the other end are certified by the Intuit. They are expert when it comes to dealing with the issues such as Excel import or Export error. They can be reached telephonically using the QuickBooks Support Phone Number.


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