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The utmost weight each tyre on your vehicle can bear at the highest speed limit which the manufacturer specifies is the load index. 2 or 3 digits represents the load index which is the load carrying limit of each tyre and you can find it just on the sidewall of the tyre between both the speed rating and the diameter reading.

If a tyre is worn out and you want to upgrade to a new tyre, make sure you substitute it with tyres that have an equal or greater load index. Then, professionals also advise that its rim size upon which tyres you will install your tyres be like the original, as a lower rim width might impair a tyre's load-carrying capability. It is critical to understand your vehicle's specific load capacity since selecting the incorrect pair of tires for the automobile may render your insurance worthless. Buy Pirelli Tyres Chichester for better road handling.

How Does The Load Index Appear?

Assume you notice 98W written on the tyre. The first two digits 98 indicate the tyre's load index, whereas the letter W indicates the tyre's speed rating. So the load index is 98, it can support a weight of 750 kg. Aside from Z-tyres, all tyres manufactured since 1991 must have a load index.

To transmit the equal weight to any and all four tyres on your vehicle, you must purchase all four tyres having the equivalent load capacity. Consult your vehicle's owner's handbook to find the load restrictions. The load indices of tyres being of passenger automobiles and light trucks vary slightly from 70 to 110.

Limit Values Maintenance

It is a legal requirement not to exceed the maximum load stipulated for the tyres. You also avoid the risk of tyre damage. The relevant load capacity indicator is also influenced by the tyre pressure and speed of your vehicle. Driving at high speeds while carrying extra weight puts a lot of strain on the tyres. If the weight grows too heavy, you might damage your tyres. Other factors, such as tyre longevity, frequently play a part in this. However, by staying within the weight capacity of your tyres, you may nearly eliminate damage caused by extra loads.

The air pressure inside your tyre is crucial when it comes to tyre load capabilities. As the air pressure drops, so does the load capacity of your vehicle. Furthermore, when air pressure rises, so does the final load. The suggested advice value, on the other hand, must not be exceeded since it has the potential to change driver behaviours. Increasing the tyre air pressure by 0.1 bar raises the load index of the tyre by one unit.

Some Aspects To Take Into Account

The information in the tyre load rating table is based on a tyre pressure of 2.5 psi. However, experience shows that in many automobiles, the value is not followed. Because tyre pressure is rarely monitored, most tyres are simply underinflated. Inadequate tyre pressure has a detrimental influence on driving performance.

Check the air pressure in the tyres on a regular basis and elevate it several bars over the recommended level if necessary. This increases your tyre weight limit while assuring safe driving behaviour.


Your vehicle's tyres bear the brunt of its weight. They support the burden of the passengers, your belongings, and the luggage in the trunk. As a result, having decent tyres for your car is critical. If you really need to change your car's tyres, among the most crucial factors to consider is the load index. The load index indicates whether the tyres could support the vehicle's load. It indicates the utmost weight that the tyres could bear.

Before purchasing a tyre, it is critical to consider its load index. This is due to the fact that the load index affects the car's efficiency and handling. It also has an impact on how simple it is to operate your automobile as well as how much influence you have on it. Replace your old tyres with Tyres Chichester has a similar load index.

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