What qualities your math tutor should have?

by Edu Aid Home Tuition Teacher

Several students are struggling in A-level maths as for some students it is a huge leap from secondary school. Another reason is that most of the students lost track of their priorities and think that they will manage it before the exam. But as we all know that the result always says differently. The only logical way to stay on track and get better results is to get a level math tuition.


The only way to grow your knowledge in math is to get a wider understanding of the subject. There’s no way one can memorize math and apply it to the papers, which might be possible in other subjects. Yes, you may have to remember some formulas, but without building a strong foundation, you cannot expect better results in maths.


How will you know if the math tutor is good or not?


Now, you know that without a good math tutor, you won’t get better marks in the exam. But how will you choose the best math tutor in Singapore where everyone will claim to be the best in their field?


Here in this article, we are going to show certain points that will help you to get the best a-level math tuition in Singapore, so go through the following points thoroughly.


Logical reasoning


A language tutor may not have good logical reasoning and that is why you won’t hire a language tutor to guide you for math. A math tutor will do more than just following an assessment book and will check the correct answers from the book. Because anyone can do that and for that, you won’t have a tutor and the other important thing you should know is that all assessment books are not up to the mark.


A tutor with logical reasoning will not run after finding the right answer but will try to understand where the student is struggling. A student may struggle in math for several reasons like they might get the idea wrong or they might have mixed up two formulas or maybe they didn’t get enough attention. A good tutor will have the ability to understand the problem and then they will customize a few sessions to guide the student on the right path.


Good at grasping concepts


One cannot be good at any subject as long as they have a loose concept about it. A good math tutor must have a good concept about the things they are teaching. If their concept is not clear, how will they teach the student?


If you are wondering how you will know if the tutor have good concept or not, all you have to do is to check if they are relying completely on textbook or guidebooks. If the tutor doesn’t have a wider concept, they will not be able to go over the book. A good and knowledgeable math tutor will connect the subject with business and every other thing that we see or use in our daily life to provide a wider understanding.


You are advised to discontinue the tutor if you notice the following signs,


  • Only following guidebooks
  • Cant clear the concept to your child
  • Getting right answer is the only focus





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