What Pagination? And How to Implement on Your Website

by William Roy Digital Marketing Services

Not all sites can have all their information on one page. Websites might need to use multiple pages for easier navigation, a better user experience, travel buyers, persona, etc. A good example Digital Marketing Company in Stafford here would be an e-commerce site. It would be impractical to have a site like Amazon list of all products in one category on one page. Sometimes, product images and descriptions can also be shared across multiple pages if needed.

 Despite the fact that studies have shown that users prefer the content of the page, using several pages when needed is fine. As proof, here's what Google said about it:

If you are looking for a large amount of data present on your site, such as a blog, or a series of chart or graph that shows information on the same data set, you will need to divide your chart on page read.

 In this article, we discuss how to share the content on the page, how to apply it effectively, and how it impacts SEO.

 What pagination?

 Pagination is a sequence of pages that are linked and have the same content.

 It is important to note that even when the content on the page is divided into different pages, we are still going to define that as pagination.

 The following are examples of sites where the pagination is used:

 Crave Coffee crazy

Pagination sample blog

 Crave Coffee crazy example is what most websites use for their pagination. With this typical setup, you really can see how many pages there are in total. They currently have 23 articles on their website, and 10 articles per page displays.

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 Affects On YouTube

Pagniation example

 Unlike the previous example where there is a numbering indicate pagination, Influence on YouTube does not use numbering. This does not, however, mean that they do not use pagination on their sites. Each button is a completely separate page that helps the user review them free of course YouTube. They have the previous button "Optimize YouTube", a home button, and the next chapter "Channel Keywords".

 load more pagniation

 Oscar Hunt examples show that "Load More" button, instead of the typical 1,2,3 >>. While shopping for shoes, looking at all the supplies shoes in one page may be a better option than going through several pages to find the right product.


SlideShare also use letters and numbers in its pagination. Since SlideShare is the site of large aggregates, the best way to help users through their website is to provide pagination alphabet or if it contains numbers.




Pagination makes it easier for users to select the page they want to see. If they can not find what they are looking at the home page, they know that they have a variety to choose from (more than 35 pages). They can choose to select one of the pages.

 Engines such as Google is also a great example of using pagination in  engine results. This makes it easier for users to find what they are looking at another page if they can not find it on page 1.

 an example of using pagination in  engine results.

 Why use pagination?

 We have already mentioned some of the reasons that necessitated the use of pagination, for example, when there are large amounts of data that is not enough can be presented as a single page.

 Here are more reasons why pagination is useful:

A better user experience

If too much information is published on one page, the user may be overwhelmed. Pagination allows webmasters to present a lot of information in a small and manageable chunks. E-commerce will Digital Marketing Agencies Stafford show images and prices of products on the home page, for example. If users are interested in more details about the product, they can click on the image / price / link with a call to action to learn more.

 Pagination also makes it easier for users to find the information they are looking for.

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