What Is Vegetable Glycerin and How Does It Work? Benefits and Uses

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Glycerin, also known as glycerine or glycerol, is a transparent liquid manufactured mostly from soybean, coconut, or palm oils. It has an odorless, mildly sweet flavor and a syrup-like consistency. Buying Vegetable glycerin is widely used in the cosmetics sector, but it also has a variety of other applications. It may also have health benefits, such as improved skin health, hydration, and gut strength. 

The uses and benefits of vegetable glycerin are discussed in this article.

What is vegetable glycerin, and how does it work? 

Glycerin is a sugar alcohol made from animal, plant, or petroleum sources. More than two centuries ago, it was allegedly found by accident when a mixture of olive oil and lead monoxide was heated. Plant-based glycerin is known as vegetable glycerin. 

However, it was only in the late 1800s that it became economically and industrially relevant when it was first used to produce dynamite. 

Triglyceride-rich vegetable fats, such as palm, soy, and coconut oils, are heated under pressure or with a strong alkali, such as lye, to produce vegetable glycerin.

Common Uses

  • Vegetable glycerin is frequently utilized in the culinary, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. 

  • It is frequently used in recipes to aid in the mixing of oil and water-based ingredients and sweeten or moisten the final product. 

  • It can be used to prevent the formation of ice crystals in frozen foods like low-fat frozen yogurt, ice cream, and other sweets. 

  • Glycerin is found in many pharmaceuticals, including heart medications, suppositories, cough syrups, and anesthetics.

  • Vegetable glycerin is also found in toothpaste, as it prevents the toothpaste from drying out or hardening in the tube. 

  • It's also often used in soaps, candles, lotions, deodorants, and cosmetics.


Vegetable glycerin is marketed as a product with various health benefits. However, science backs up only a few of the benefits, and the studies that back them up are typically small and inconclusive. Keep in mind that additional research on its health benefits is required. 

The following advantages have the most scientific backing:

  • It has the potential to moisturize the skin. 

Because of its moisturizing properties, vegetable glycerin is a popular skin care treatment. 

According to studies, adding glycerin to your skin might increase its smoothness and suppleness over time. Applying glycerin-based lotions can improve skin moisture in as little as ten days.

  • Skin health may be improved. 

By helping to ease skin irritation, defend against infection, and promote wound healing, vegetable glycerin may improve skin health. 

  • Constipation may be relieved. 

Constipation may be relieved by using vegetable glycerin. 

This is because it can attract water into your gut. This has a laxative action, which aids in the smooth passage of digested food through your digestive tract. 

It may help with hydration and athletic performance. 

  • Glycerin can also help you stay hydrated, which can help you perform better in sports. 

Dehydration can significantly impact sports performance, especially if sweat loss surpasses 2% of body weight.

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