What Is Vape Wicking- Guide For Pro Vapers

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If you have been vaping for sometime now, you know the benefits of using cotton wick. The right wicking material plays a crucial role in making or breaking the vaping experience.

Are you noticing that something is missing? Have you thought it could be your wicking cotton? Well, the answer is when you get unpleasant flavor and vapor, it might be due to the wrong vaping cotton.

Coming to wick, it is part of the atomizer whose use is to juice before getting atomized. The coil wraps the wick and when it is dripped, the wick absorbs the vape juice. There are various wick types. These are dictated by how well the e-juice is held.

Look At The Dominant Wicking Material

For drippers, it is one of the prominent materials. It is highly cost-effective, easy to wick and offers fast wicking.

No wonder, cotton wick vape is the best option for all types of builds. It even requires re-wicking since the cotton comes with unburnt flavors. Interestingly, it is suitable for both internal and external wicking.

Using Right Amount Of Cotton Wick Vape

You need to know that using the wrong amount of cotton is probably the common mistake that people usually make when wicking coils. Now, if you use too little or too much of cotton, it would produce hot sports since parts of the coil won’t touch the cotton.

Many vapers experience that problem when they first started building coils, so they do the opposite and use excess cotton. The problem is that cotton expands when gets wet. If you use too much, the wick would expand and prevent the e-juice from flowing freely.

Trim The Wicks

When you are new to coil building, the temptation is filling the atomizer drip full of cotton. Now, using more cotton, you must mean the RDA might hold e-juice.

Using excess cotton impedes the e-juice’s ability to flow the coil. If the wick has enough curves and kinks, you would have spots in which the vape juice settles and darkens rather flowing the coil.

Using excess cotton wick vape can restrict the airflow and hamper the atomizer’s vapor production. Just try trimming the wicks so the ends reach the atomizer bottom. If the wicks don’t do a great job of picking up the e-juice, trim these a little longer next time.

Always Stick To Better Cotton

Have you been wicking coils with cotton? Any cotton might get that job done, but using better cotton might noticeably enhance the vaping experience. If you ask any pro vaper, they would always opt for organic cotton over regular cotton.

The benefits of organic cotton are that the fibers are uniform and quite parallel to one another. The cotton is also fluffy and soaks a massive amount of e-juice. 

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