What Is Traction Alopecia? Symptoms, Prevention, And Treatment

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Traction Alopecia is a medical term that signifies a certain type of hair loss in men, women, or children. Hair loss makes worsen the people’s emotions caused by the change of overall natural appearance. There are so many reasons for hair fall such as chronical illness, inheritance, imbalanced diet, burns, vitamin deficiency, and many more. Some conditions are reversible with medicines and treatment. But hair loss problems caused by hereditary factors, hormonal conditions, and traction are irreversible and cannot be treated by any treatments or injections. Alopecia Areata, Androgenetic Alopecia, and Traction Alopecia must be overcome by only hair transplant surgery to implant new hair grafts at the locations of hair fall on the scalp. You can consult and get advice for proper treatment from Dr. Kinnar Kapadia, the best hair transplant surgeon in India. You can get your health profile checked with the perfect diagnostic process and get an advanced hair transplant treatment for successful hair growth.

Traction Alopecia Problem And Symptoms

Traction Alopecia is a permanent hair loss problem created by pulling of hairs in the same way for long periods of time. The traction created by stretching of hairs continuously for a longer time starts damaging hair follicles, which are the root tissues of hair strands. If the condition persists for a long time the hair follicles become inactive, shred the hairs and no more growth occurs at the location leading to bald patches. The pulling of hairs with bands and binding very tightly for long hours causes permanent hair loss at the particular area on the scalp. Some people may also get infections, redness, swelling, and sores along with hair loss. Itching and pimples at the base of hair strands may occur as symptoms before hair fall. All these problems make the condition worsen for the person emotionally, and also effects on the appearance. Receding hairline may also occur reducing the outline of hairs from the forehead, crown or temples. Scars and patches exist at the place of hair loss.

Prevention And Treatment

The hair should be maintained carefully keeping in mind that no stress is applied to the strands. Long hairs must not be tightened or braided roughly with strong bands or clips. Loose hairstyles may be applied to look beautiful but not without stretching them. Change of a hair style like ponytails, dreadlocks, cornrows, braids within small durations is helpful. Longterm usage of chemical-based hair applications and shampoos must be avoided. Usage of hair relaxers leads to the damage of hair shafts causing much hair loss. Intake of vitamin and mineral-rich food helps to keep the hair strands and follicles nourished and good looking.

Opt For Better Treatment

Hairloss and its permanent effects can be overcome by taking proper treatment by expert doctors. Dr. Kinnar Kapadia is the best hair transplant doctor in India and familiar with the latest hair transplant techniques. The Avenues Cosmetic Surgery Centre is the popular destination for availing treatment for Traction Alopecia and other problems.

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