What is Thick Film Hybrid Technology? How it is Beneficial?

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HIC or Hybrid Integrated Circuit or simply a hybrid circuit is an electronic circuit which is constructed with a number of individual devices like the semi-conductor devices (diodes, transistors or monolithic ICs) and also from the passive components like transformers, inductors, resistors and capacitors).

Thick film substrates over the electronic circuit boards are made up ceramics. Ceramic is screened with the conductor, resistor material, insulator which forms and completes the circuitry. The technology is economical, robust and can reduce the carbon footprints.

Not only thick film hybrid circuit boards but thick film amplifiers, oscillators, resistor networks etc. all are famous. Electronic circuit boards that are made up of ceramics are immensely popular. Thick film substrates are basically the electronic circuit boards which are made from the ceramics. The material is screened with the insulator, resistor material and conductor for forming the circuitry.

Let us have a quick look at what a thick film hybrid is, how it works and what are its various benefits.

What is a Thick Film Hybrid?

Thick film hybrid is the most common alternative to the PCB or Printed Circuit Board. It is smaller, more robust and much more dependable than the conventionally used PCBs. They are used in different commercial and the industrial markets and have a wide-range of applications.

How a Thick Film Hybrid Circuit Works?

There are a number of insulating, conductive and resistive pastes that are screen printed before they are fired onto a substrate. This substrate can be then patterned to certain specific value depending on needs and tastes of individuals. This technology provides a thorough precision and accuracy to the PCBs and gives customers a more durable and a cost-effective option.

What are the Benefits of Thick Film Technology?

There are a number of benefits of thick film substrates owing to which numerous LEDs, microprocessors, amplifiers etc. are covered from it. There are a number of benefits of choosing thick film hybrids. They can operate in a wider range of temperatures and in immense heat; they have a much smaller size and can be packed efficiently. They work in different types of environments like sand and under water.

They are resistant to the moisture, corrosion and vibration. They undergo consistent testing when they are assembled that can ensure the accuracy of the products. They are more robust alternatives to PCBs or Printed Circuit Boards. In a majority of cases, a thick film hybrid can replace the PCB and it can function even when there are adverse environment conditions. Thick film hybrids can operate underwater, in extreme heat and in a number of adverse weather conditions where PCB cannot function. They are printed and fired and hence more precise than PCB resistors. 

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