What is the importance of Stand and pee device for women?

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It does not matter if you’re a solo traveller or love to attend concerts and events, you must have faced a problem that can be experienced by most women. It’s all about the matter of peeing comfortably without any infection and inflammation that can cause further trouble and inconvenience.


Many a time, women select to hold their pee as the bathroom they are visiting, is dirty. It is also unsafe to not pee for hours that increase the chances of getting a urinary tract infection. Many of us also choose not to “sit down” and prefer to pee half-sitting down but this is not good for the pelvic muscles. There is, however, a solution to all your bad experiences in the form of stand and pee device. It is the disposable, portable and highest-selling female urination device as women can stand and pee on the go in all unfriendly toilets.  All just is required to place this device between the pee and flow area.

pee on the go

It’s for one-time use only and a very cost-effective for women. Hence today’s women can order online this stand and pee device. Its disposable quality renders it convenient to carry and a use-and-throw widely used product.


Pee on the go device is a revolutionary product for women

Men can stand and pee without any worry while women has to keep several factors in mind. If a women is working and office is quite far away, you probably use the washroom at home before leaving for work.  Also, before leaving for home, you will use the restroom. There is a terrible condition of the public toilets and a woman unfortunately is required to plan her activities around bathroom breaks. This pee on the go can be used by any women of any age. Be it a pregnant women, a working professional or a college-going youth, or in old age, a woman can use it anytime and anywhere.

It is far better than antiseptic spray as an antiseptic spray does is just reduce the possibility of a person getting an infection. A spray cannot remove dirt on the toilet seats. It is these very issues that this device help the women to avoid them. If the seat is not clean, don’t worry, just maintain the distance, and stand and pee.

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