What Is The Ideal Age For Hair Restoration Surgery?

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Since time immemorial, baldness has been considered as a sign of ageing. However, now due to fast paced lifestyle and increased stress in daily lives coupled with increasing pollution and curbing quality of diet and nutrition, baldness is now appearing even in 20s. But with advent of technology mankind has received the solution in the form of hair restoration procedure.

Often hair restoration procedures are preceded with a lot of questions from patients related to when why how and now more importantly what is the ideal age to undergo a hair restoration surgery?

Before we answer this question lets understand the procedure of hair restoration a little bit in detail and then look for the answer

Hair Restoration

Hair restoration is a minimally invasive surgical procedure where in the hair follicles from the donor areas (decided on the basis of presence of permanent hair roots i.e roots which are DHT – Dihydrotestosterone resistant and have a good density of hair)are extracted and harvested and then transferred to the bald sites taking extreme care about the design of the hairline and ensuring that there is minimum damage to the hair follicles in the whole process.

Hair transplant in Delhi has spread its footprint widely and as a result both on the demand and the supply side there is huge traction. There are multiple world class surgeons who have their own established clinics in the national capital that boast of providing world class transplant services at an affordable price. If we compare the hair transplant cost in Delhi to the western world given the quality of procedures available in Delhi, the cost would come out to be only 20-25% of the cost in the US, UK or even UAE. The high standards of hair transplant at an affordable cost lure the people from all around the globe to get the hair transplant done in India and especially Delhi.

What is the ideal age for hair restoration surgery?

According to several experts by the age of 35 almost 66% of men have faced the issue of hair loss and by the age of 50 years almost 85% of men face the issue of hair thinning and hair loss. However, as mentioned earlier that in some cases, the hair loss may set in at quite an early age i.e in 20s and hence, it can be more concerning and disappointing.

Talking about the ideal age, there is no fixed answer to this question as to what is the ideal or the best age, because hair transplant procedure depends on individual case diagnostics where in your surgeon will try to analyse the type of hair loss, hair loss pattern, size of the balding area and inspection of donor area. So, if the situation permits and which is best decided by your surgeon, patients of any age may be considered for hair transplant however, some surgeons believe that in cases of patients less than 25 years of age, the facial characters are not well defined, the rate of hair loss is not stable and it may as well be a case of progressive hair loss so if you undergo a treatment at an early stage you may have transplanted permanent hair surrounded by bald spots which may again become a hassle in your perfect looks. Hence, a conscious decision has to be made by the surgeon inspecting the case to decide whether or not to take in the patient for the hair transplant.

How does a surgeon decide whether younger individuals are ready to undergo hair transplant or not depend on below factors:

1.  Scalp assessment: Assessment of the scalp ensures that there is no visible infection or inflammation which could be causing the hair loss. If temporary factors are ruled out then the surgeon can be sure that the case is of permanent baldness.

2.    Medical history and present status: This assessment is done to ensure that the patient is otherwise healthy and can undergo hair transplant.

3.      Rate of hair loss: In young patients, it is important to ensure that the hair loss is stable and once it is stable for 3 years in succession, only then it makes sense to perform a hair restoration surgery. Otherwise the surgeon may suggest PRP therapy to boost hair growth or some OTC meds along with some transplant to make the hairline dense.

Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur is one of the nation’s jewels in the area of hair transplant across ages of the patients. The patient profile comprises several celebrities and big shots. They are a leading hair transplant clinic well famed to possess the biggest and most well trained team for hair transplant in India. The owner of Medispa, Dr Suneet Soni is among the best hair transplant surgeons in the world with several accreditations and awards to his merit and who is so well recognized for his artistic surgical skills that he is the surgeon of first choice for thousands of hair loss patients. In his 15 years long career, he has treated more than 5000+ cases of hair loss.

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