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by Adeyemi Michael Motivational story writer and blogger
Sex is a delicate issue! Some men are doing it just for fun but they don’t know the truth about love. Some men can’t stay a second without it some can’t see a woman without fantasizing having sex with her….
Beginning of my story!!! A man would have been great in life and be the most popular doctor of his time but he doesn’t know all good things may be born from bad things…
This was how he spent his life, while he was in school (university) he chose a bad life for himself and think he would shine in school doing that ….
He do smoke, drink, drugs, and all he could think of is sex, once he set his eyes in a beautiful girl. Aside from him making her his girlfriend he would rather give her money and f*** her. That has been spreading all over in school he snatches guys girlfriends cause of his money and from a rich family…
There was this girl her name is Sahida she was a beautiful lady and dress in a good way, she’s not prostitute as you might be thinking but she’s possessed. She has nothing to do with guys, she actually have no friends, she stays on her own and look to some point people think she was a spy. That’s something that has got attached to her, she looks a lot and this make people hate her in school. She saw some guy passing beside a canteen and saw a guy among them ‘Charles’ she fell in love with him but the guy didn’t notice her love for him is bound. Unfortunately they were in the same class with the first guy I wrote about which name is Mark.
There was a day she was going to the class for lecture, as she was going she had a vision there’s a guy in the class and she kinda run to the class to inform him and it was Charles and she went to him and said to Charles that his friends are planning to do something to him tonight which he shouldn’t move with them that day but him and his friends do stay together and he was curious and was shocked as she was going he held her hand – he said to her can he stay with her but she refuse but later felt pity that he should help him that day and they left together. They both spent time together and Charles was actually liking her cause she was so much fun to be with, they ate together and he was far away from his friends. That night while they were together she had vision about both of them but she couldn’t understand what it is all about and she went to bed leaving him alone on the sofa, thinking about what the vision is all about and she had a bad feeling about it. The next morning while Charles was going to school with her they heard a rumor some set of guys killed themselves and one guy was left alive and harmed but the police has taken him to the station as he was listening to them he heard names of his friends and ask one of them to tell him the name of the station and he quickly run there leaving Sahida standing, as he got there he sees the dead body of his friends and the one that is still alive but couldn’t stand cause he was damn beaten but he was able to explain everything to them, he told them that while all of them was inside the house some set of boys came inside and beat all of them and shot them but he was able to survive cause they of some people coming towards them and thought it was the police and shot him but unfortunately it was his leg they shot but Charles remember they had some issues with the cultist and he left his statement and was told some stuff by the police. So he went back and told Sahida what he has seen but she felt sad because she never knew it was him and his friends he should have told them not to go home.  She was sad cause could have told all of them and nothing would have happen to them that night but Charles and Sahida part ways that day. But Charles had it in mind that he would definitely find those guys that killed his friends. The next day Charles invite Sahida to his place but she thought what does he want from her again and she went to meet him at a restaurant. On getting there she saw him and her heart was melting cause she love hi, while she got there she sat down, they exchanges greetings and Charles said to her if she don’t mind and she shouldn’t be angry with him about what he wants to say that she should please let him stay with for some time so he could get to catch those who killed his friends and those people might come back for him, so she thought she might just help a brother and she agreed to it and Charles was happy and read more at

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