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Central Vinaseen contractor supplying fillers grating slabs

Compared let's find out GRATING FLOORING SHEET !

Whats floor grating?

Grating is a series of floor plate bearing steel bars, grating parallel processing, flat or serrated, load bearing with equal spacing by hot-dip Galvanizing Standard method.
They are Held upright by horizontal bars of twisted steel square bars with resistance forming strong wire mesh Welded to the upper surface.
Mesh grating size:
  • Bearing bars can be spaced 30mm, 40mm, 60mm ...
  • Twisted square bars can be spaced 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 100mm ...
  • To form a wide range of Different sizes with meshes. Grating after being processed floorboards will be completed by hot dip Galvanizing theo ASTM method 123 or AS / NZS 4680: 1999. san triangle grating

    Grating galvanized like?

    Hot dip galvanizing is a way to protect products by coating the product surface with a layer of zinc. In order to create a zinc coating, it requires a complex product handling and immersion process. After the production of grating plate , people will hot dip galvanized this product. By doing this this is the most common and effective method of super-rusting today. It is worth mentioning that with modern galvanizing technology, the galvanized layer adheres to the grating sheet rather than peeling like paint.
    Hot dipped galvanized grating
    Galvanized technology was first discovered in 1742 by a French chemist MELOUIN. It is then improved over time to achieve greater efficiency. Thanks to that, its application scope is also more and more widespread. In Vietnam, the technology of galvanizing dipped in since 1989. Later it was applied in manufacturing industries, especially construction. After more than 250 years of establishment, hot dip galvanizing has affirmed its position and success. It becomes an effective and effective sword for anti-corrosion of grating sheet as well as many other products.

    Advantages What is floor grating?

    Most grating products are made from stainless steel. This steel has properties for rust, rust and corrosion protection. However, if you use it in a wet environment or it has sea water, or has high levels of alkali and acid, then after a while the product will still rust and corrode. This you can easily see with home tools such as knives, scissors ...
    Meanwhile, the application of galvanized grating is very widespread. It is used outdoors under the influence of sun, wind and rain. Even used in more specific environments such as the sea, in chemical plants, sewage environment ...
    In these environments, without special anti-corrosion properties, the product will quickly fail. The replacement, repair just takes time, funding again hinders production and work. Therefore, people have applied the technology of galvanized sheet grating. This is considered the most advanced and effective method of superposition, rust and oxidation.
    Advantages of floor grating plate


    The nature of materials already contains these functions. Now, after galvanized, the product is protected by an outer layer of zinc. This will be a solid protective film to help the product from corrosion, oxidation when used in wet environments or chemicals, acids. Reducing investment funds: Funds for investment in dip galvanizing are very low. Meanwhile its effects on the product are great. Galvanized grating sheet will have a longer service life, less maintenance, repair. Thus bring high economic efficiency for the works that use it.


    Galvanized products have outstanding durability. The zinc coating also helps keep it safe from shocks during transport or use. Therefore the grating sheet retains its shape with less warping after years of use.

    Aesthetic enhancement for products

    The silver-colored zinc layer is very pleasing to the eye. More than that after the poor plating the galvanized grating plate becomes smooth surface. For some other products galvanized like a decorative layer to help the surface of the product more beautiful.


    Thanks to the embedded zinc technology that helps the product resist corrosion and rust, it is widely used in special environments. For example, in rigs on the sea, in chemical plants ... No matter the environment, the product is always durable over time.

    What is the Ton of Grating?

    Vinaseen contractor has been receiving Grating plates for many large projects and projects. Thereby we also know that grating has many other outstanding applications in many industries, not just in the construction industry. The following are general summaries of some applications of grating floor panels in 3 main industries:
    1. Construction industry
    2. Breeding industry
    3. Environmental Sector

    Practical applications often see the following:

    • Grating panels are made of steel grating fences.
    • Making scaffolding manipulation floor, overhead working floor for construction, installation, repair, handling, ...
    • Stair grating made from grating plate .
    • Grating floor plate as a floor for bridges and roads.
    • Grating plate is used as working floor in the ports.
    • Grating floor panels make grating trench covers for streets.
    • Application for making grating manhole cover, steel manhole cover.
    • Steel grating grating.
    • Floor grating makes steel grating in poultry.
    • Steel grating floor panels as barn floor panels, barn floor.

    Where is the Grating floor plate?

    As explained above, Central Vinaseen Refrigeration and Electrical Contractor is a contractor specializing in supplying materials and products for:
    • Mechanical manufacturing products
    • Products about civil and industrial electricity
    • Products about cold rooms, refrigeration equipment
    We have 10 years of experience in distribution and manufacturing of Grating Floor Boards for other industrial and application industries. One of the leading suppliers of grating floor plate.

    Product warranty & maintenance

    - All floor grating products are our
    01 year warranty and permanent maintenance.

    Price warranty

    - Floor grating products are manufactured by Vinaseen Central in the factory without intermediaries, near sources of raw materials, professional management, modern machinery, a team of well-trained and skilled staff. methodical and have many years of experience, so when customers buy our products, they are bought at the original price. We promise 3 - 5% cheaper than the market depending on the quantity ordered!

    How does Vinaseen Central provide Grating Plates?

    You can confidently entrust them with big projects and strict requirements. With a large factory scale, modern machines, a large and skilled staff and employees who are well-trained and have many years of experience. With these advantages, we are proud and affirm that the grating flooring products of Vinaseen Central always have the best quality, designs and best prices on the market today.
    • There are thousands of customers who are agencies, domestic enterprises, FDI enterprises that have trusted and used our grating floor plate products.
    • We receive surveys, consulting, design, production and installation of grating floor panels for customers nationwide.
    • Floor grating products are manufactured at the Mechanical Products Manufacturing Plant and integrated with the Mechanical - Electrical - Refrigeration system with the address at: Ninh So Industrial Village Industry Complex - Thuong Tin - Hanoi . We welcome and would like to invite you to visit the factory, review facilities, equipment and exchange directly to order!
    • Construction, installation, delivery and free warranty throughout the country.
    • The construction progress from production to installation is very quick, always ensuring the committed schedule, We never schedule the contract schedule in force majeure conditions.
    • We can produce from 200 to 300 tons / month
    • Receiving contracts of supplying and installing grating slabs in large quantities and having strict requirements on the specifications, models and quality of key national works such as the North-South Expressway, Houses thermoelectric plants, airports, ports ...

    See also: information about Vinaseen Central

    Floor grating plate

    How to quote Grating floor panels?

    Floor grating products are manufactured by Vinaseen Central in the factory without intermediaries

    We continually recruit collaborators trading floor grating products throughout the country!
    We highly welcome you to have free time, knowledge and passion for mechanical products, please contact us to work together to develop products to the market. We promise to have a good and rewarding after-sales service, fast and effective with the effort you spend after every successful transaction. Do not hesitate any more, call us to turn your free time into money.
    To ensure benefits for customers
    floor grating products at the right price and quality, we currently have only 1 channel to introduce the product through the website of Vinaseen Central Company:
    1. Website:
    2. Email:
    3. Hotline: 0972544780

    Wishing you a happy and convenient day!

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