What is Computer Viruses?

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What is Computer Viruses? A computer virus, also known as a computer worm, is a kind of computer software that, when properly executed, duplicates itself by embedding its own code into other computer programs. When this duplicating process succeeds, the infected areas are then identified to be infected with a computer worm. This worm may have any number of uses, ranging from damaging files to jamming up systems.

There are two broad classifications of computer viruses. The first is known as "Self-replicating" computer viruses. These are most often used by programmers who create viruses for malicious purposes, such as installing malware or carrying out cyber attacks. Self-replicating computer viruses have no external elements that require manual execution. Some examples of self-replicating computer viruses are the boot-sector viruses, which are sometimes called "cyber viruses," and spread by booting up the system in an infected region.

The other type of computer worm is known as "malware," which means "badware." Typical forms of malware include Trojans, worms, and viruses. A computer worm can either install additional programs on a victim's machine or perform actions on users remotely; for instance, it might delete files found on removable disks or perform network attacks.

What is a Trojans? - A Trojan is a program that executes any commands given by the programmer. Typical computer viruses are examples of this kind of computer worm. A Trojan can install additional programs on the host computer without the user's knowledge. It can hide on the host machine in the form of a file, video codec, sound file, or application. Other types of Trojans can create problems such as data corruption, system crash, or monitor the user's activities.
What is a Worm? A worm is also a self-replicating program. A worm can be programmed by an outside source. Examples of worm programs are viruses, spyware, dialers, and worms that download additional programs.

What is a Virus? - A virus is software that copies itself and infects computers. A computer worm is different from a virus in that a worm requires a sender. This means that a computer worm that infected your personal computer can be sent to another computer with the use of an internet connection. The word "virus" has a negative connotation because it is often associated with scams and illegal activities, but that is not always the case. In fact, many legitimate anti-spyware programs are designed to detect and destroy viruses.

Anti Virus Software - What is antivirus is also commonly called Anti Virus Software, which is used to detect, repair, and prevent computer viruses from damaging your computer. Unlike what is computer viruses, antivirus is designed to protect your computer by detecting, preventing, and removing malicious software (malware). A legitimate antivirus program can keep you protected from viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, and other malware.

What is Spyware? - Spyware is similar to a virus but does not have its own software. Instead, it installs itself on your computer, usually on your login page when you first access the internet. It collects information from your computer and sends it out to whoever owns the database.
Spyware is a type of Malware. If spyware corrupts your computer's files, it is considered a virus. Spyware can change your computer's homepage, create various windows shortcuts, delete system files, and redirect your computer to unwanted sites. It is illegal to use any type of programs that interfere with Google's services or your security.

What is Antivirus? - When looking for the best what is computer viruses protection, you need to choose a company that can provide a comprehensive coverage of computer security. You can easily test to see if the company protects your computer by performing a web search on a popular virus database. You will be able to find many top-rated companies that provide virus protection.
Why is it important to install an Antivirus program on my computer? An Antivirus program is designed to protect your computer by detecting, preventing and removing malicious software from your machine. These malicious programs are created to either harm your system or steal personal information. Some programs are better than others; however, you want a program that not only detects threats but that prevents them as well. A good program will also perform regular system scans in order to keep itself updated.

When considering what is computer viruses, one should always remember that just spamming the internet will cause permanent damage to your machine. Hackers have been known to go after movie and music producers for their profits. They hack into computer systems and delete files and release the personal data of these businesses. It is the intent of these hackers to stop this income, which means you need to find an effective solution to stop this theft. A good Antivirus program will help you do that, as well as scan for spyware, adware and other types of viruses. There is no point in trying to get free software for Antivirus if it cannot protect your computer.

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