What is Brain Power? How do you develop it?

by Franto Hruz - More Value for Our Team Members

It all starts with a basic desire to bring ones understanding of reality in line with a rational view of the world - a desire not to be dominated by ones old and outdated traditions, ones childhood indoctrinations of religious myths or any other mind pollutant, may they come from commercial sources to promote higher consumption,  from nationalistic sources to make you feel superior over other nationalities, or political manipulations and media sources interested in popularity but offering mainly fake news, gossip & irrelevant information to further pollute your mind. 

The process of braking free from such mental domination is not very easy and may take months or years but is worth your effort in the end as it will set you free to develop your brain power much further than was possible before, when your mind was under the influence of all these mental pollutants!

Another obvious limiting factor in ones ability to apply ones existing brain power to develop a higher degree of effectiveness in ones thinking capacity is the inability to conduct a deeply critical conversation in ones own mind to discover the emotionally limiting factors of fear, uncenrtenty, biologically determined elements of sexual desire or the blocks put in place by social conditioning which the brain maybe unable to critically asses and remove at a younger age or more limited life experience.

There is no better way to build on ones natural desire for greater intellectual development than to dedicate ones learning abilities towards greater self-discovery by asking ever more pointed questions of ones own learning capacity as to examine the quality of questions you may be asking of yourself and your personal circle of contacts you share your thoughts, feelings and emotional experiences with.

Franto Hruz

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Franto Hruz Magnate I Pro   - More Value for Our Team Members
No matter how many times, a thought goes through your mind, your ability to communicate your ideas to other thinking being around you gets multiplied many fold by writing it down, linking your message like an expert and letting others reflect on it ... agreed? :)
Dec 31st 2017 16:14   
Abdou Sani Boukari Magnate II   Consultant
You're right Franto. The desire to share good thoughts with others enriches!
Jan 4th 2018 11:00   
Franto Hruz Magnate I Pro   - More Value for Our Team Members
I think we could be quite a bit more helpful to each other by taking a closer look at which mind polluting influences we are exposed to on a daily basis and point out possible ways to avoid having such greatly manipulative powers over us just because we have been made to feel they are important to our identity, when in reality they limit our creative options of understanding nature a lot better and grasping objective reality a bit more, which in turn would advance our intellectual capacity to see things much more clearly with our minds and be less distracted by more superficial, visual aspects of our perception.
Jan 4th 2018 13:55   
Abdou Sani Boukari Magnate II   Consultant
@Franto, it's great! About the idea of dedicating your learning abilities to greater self-discovery, do not forget the power of the Internet over us. Is it useful or destructive for us? A priori, I can say that the Internet is a necessary evil for our modern society; it is unfortunate, however, that others use it so badly that it exerts a pure polluting influence on their minds.
Nevertheless, the increasing complexity of our environment means that we need the Internet as "direction of the mind". In any case, the remaining idea is: Does the Internet change the way we think? Check out several points of view on this issue here:
Jan 4th 2018 18:25   
Franto Hruz Magnate I Pro   - More Value for Our Team Members
The Internet per se is a powerful invention with enormous potential. It's the limited understanding of too many of the computer users, on one side, and the commercial interests of the large manipulators, like Google, on the other, which are at the centre of the problem. Google will continue to try and make money by letting us find what their highest paying clients like us to discover first, till the entire capitalist mentality gets eliminated from the whole spectrum of mental pollutants I see it, the future is in the Zeitgeist Movement - Peter Joseph etc.
Jan 4th 2018 20:43   
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