What is AWS Lambda?

by Azhar Uddin Technical Architect

AWS Lambda is the new way of running the codes

AWS Lambda is the modern way of computer service where you can run the codes without managing the server. In this contemporary computer service, your code is executed when it is in need. The central aspect to look for the modern way of computing service is that in this system you have to pay only for the time when you are using the service. After your service is over, you do not have to pay. This modern way of computer service helps in maintaining the administration of the server that you are using with the high-definition system of security.

The main thing to look for the AWS Lambda is that you can use it to run the code in reply to different events. In this neo-modern computing system, Amazon S3 bucket or an Amazon DynamoDB table can be changed to records. It also helps you to run the code in response to the HTTP requests. This can be done with the help of the Amazon API Gateway. These capabilities of the AWS Lambda will help you in building data processing triggers to get services like Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB. This is how this modern way of computer service is helping the clients.

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AWS Lambda also helps you in building the server less applications. This server less app comprises of different function that is activated by the actions. These are automatically placed in position by the use of the AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild. This modern way of computing system provides API operations through which you can update the functions of Lambda. To get this done all you have to do is to position a ZIP file as a package. This whole thing with information is provided in the system so that it does not a novice can get the knowledge at ease.

AWS Lambda

The advantages of the AWS Lambda

The most important function of the AWS Lambda is that you can use it without any server. This model is designed in the format where you do not have to keep the server all the time. The server will appear only when you need it. After your work is over the whole thing will disappear automatically. In terms of the AWS Lambda Functions, it is popularly known as trigger. This helps the common man in thinking of functions, not of servers. Now you can keep all of your business in the feature, not on the server.

It runs entirely on automatic administration service

The main point to follow is that the whole thing runs on automatic administration service. AWS Lambda manages your code to run without any fault. The installation of the application will also help you in updating the operating system of your computer by updating the service. It will even look for the maintenance and security phases of the codes of the machine. Through Amazon CloudWatch it also monitors all the things of your account. In this way, it helps you in building various back-end services.

The primary function of the new computer system

The code that you have uploaded to the modern computing system is popularly known as ‘Lambda Function.' Each of the functions of the computing system will require the configuration information like the name, its entire description, the access point and the resources for the requirement. The code must be written in such a manner that it looks the same from the front and the end. To improve the performance many times the new model of computer service reuses a request in spite of creating an original copy. This will help in the saving of the memory space of the computer.

AWS Lambda - Add Event Source

You can place your own code

This is the foremost thing that is being developed in the new computer system that works without the use of any server. You do not have to learn any modern languages to write the codes. No framework or tools are required by you to determine the things. To make the codes you can use the library of any third party or even the natural ones. This system supports languages like Java, Node.js, C#, and Python which are being used globally to write the codes. In the future, other programming languages are also going to be supported by the system.

Choose the memory storage and the money

The whole model is developed in such a manner that you are free to choose the space of memory you want to provide. With the space, you provide, the new function of the computing system will also help you in dealing with the power of CPU, network bandwidth, and disk I/O in a proportional manner. Also, it has been stated that only the time you spend you have to pay for that. When you are not using the thing, you do not have to pay for it.

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