What is a urinary tract infection, and should you go for homeopathic treatment?

by Francine Kanter Classical Homeopathy by Francine Kanter

Urinary tract infection (also known as UTI) is an infection of the urethra, kidneys, bladder, or ureters. If any infection-causing bacteria gets inside the urinary tract via the urethra, it will eventually lead to UTI. Keep in mind that infections can occur in different parts of the urinary tract, so there are lower and upper urinary tract infections. 

The upper urinary tract includes the kidneys and the ureters, while the lower urinary tract houses the bladder and ureters. However, it would be best for you not to get hanged upon the kind of infection you have because there are times when even a medical check cannot determine if an infection falls in the upper or lower urinary tract. If you are looking for a natural way to cure UTI, you can always try homeopathy for urinary tract infections

If you suspect any of the symptoms below, it would be best to seek medical advice at the earliest:

·       Fever: if you have UTI, your body temperature can quickly go up to 38 degrees Celsius or more. The primary reason why you must visit a professional is that the fever can also be a sign of severe kidney infection, which is much more challenging to deal with than a UTI.

·       Blood in urine: if you notice any blood in your urine, you need to find a health practitioner as soon as possible since it may be a sign of a UTI. Moreover, it can also suggest other severe conditions like kidney stones, kidney infections, cancer, etc. 

·       Recurring UTI: if your UTI seems to be recurring, it may be best for you to visit a doctor so they can perform a comprehensive treatment to ensure you get holistic relief. Look for homeopathic doctors near me on the internet and get yourself tested at the earliest. 

·       Worsen symptoms: consult your practitioner if you notice that your UTI symptoms are only getting worse with every passing day. 

Natural ways to manage urinary tract infection 

If your UTI is not very serious, you can always try home remedies. They will give you relief from any symptoms and help prevent a recurrence. A few home remedies can also protect you from getting a urinary tract infection. 

Drink a lot of water

If you have UTI, professionals suggest you drink a lot of water. The more water you consume, the more frequently you will urinate. It will help your body flush out any bacteria from your urinary tract. It will also help prevent UTIs as the water will dilute your urine and make it move through your system faster and easier. 

Don’t hold your urine.

Whenever you feel like peeing, you should not hold back. If you try and hold your urine, any bacteria inside your urinary tract will continue to multiply, worsening your condition. It is best always to pee when you have to. 

Use heat pads

When you place a heating pad around your bladder or pelvic area, it will help you subside the pain. Therefore, if you have any pelvic pain from UTI, you can try applying a heating pad. 

When you contact a professional, they will tell you more ways to control UTIs at home. This is why you must get an experienced doctor when you notice any urinary tract infection signs. 


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