What is A CNC Router Used For?

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What is a CNC Router?

CNC, or Computer Numerically Controlled, is a process by which a machine tool may use files developed on a computer with a proper program to produce things. A CNC router is a milling machine that will help you in slicing wood, metal, and plastic easily. Meanwhile, it is used for the production of many different cases, such as door carvings, interior and exterior decorations, wood panels, signboards, wooden frames, moldings, musical instruments, furniture, and so on.

In addition, the CNC router helps in the thermoforming of plastics by automating the trimming process. A CNC router will help ensure part repeatability and sufficient factory output. However, professionals and hobbyists are always replacing their outdated analog tools with the CNC router because of its cutting speed and precision.

CNC Router Machine Applications (What is CNC Router Used For?)

Woodworking, Custom Millwork, Cabinetry, Furniture, Fixtures, Channel Letters, Joinery, Sign Making, Point-of-Purchase (POP), Orthotic Manufacturing, Prosthetic Manufacturing, Jewelry Manufacturing, CAD/CAM Instructional, Educational, Model Making, Prototyping, Countertop Production, Solid Surface Production, Radius Mouldings, Aerospace, Metal Working, Foam Packaging, Mannequin Production, Musical Instrument Manufacturers, Plastic Packaging Equipment Manufacturers, Store Fixtures, Packaging, Extrusions Cutting Boards, Boat Building, PCB Fabricators, Safety Enclosures, Engraving, Magnetic, Conveyor Manufacturers, Pool Cues, Knife Template Manufacturing, Fan Blade Manufacturers, Gun Stock / Pistol Grip Manufacturers, Korbal Manufacturers, Kneuls Manufacturing, Artistic Carvings, Name Tags, Puzzles, MDF Doors. we mainly introduce the CNC Router machine for woodworking. 

We would like to take the wood industry as an example.

Many woodworkers use CNC routers to cut and shape a wide array of wood types. For instance, if you want to design a rustic chair for your patio in Western Europe, you may choose to use a CNC router to cut the maple wood you have collected for such a project. By using CAD and CAM software on a computer, you can tell the CNC router exactly how to cut the wood at precise angles. You can then take these newly cut pieces of wood and use bolts or screws to put them together in a comfortable and rustic patio chair. The followings are the points you may care about during the woodworking field.

  1. If you have any inside corners they can be tricky. Routers use round bits so inside corners will not be sharp unless you use some very tricky manipulations;
  2. If the cuts are very fine then you will have to use small tools. You can only make a small shaping tool “so small” and “so long” before it doesn’t do the job… if you have a 3mm slot through a 30mm item the chances for success are, um, limited;
  3. With flat cut items, it is usually MUCH faster to use an appropriate saw and do it by hand rather than attempt to program it on a CNC. I once developed an item where each part had to fit every other part interchangeably and developed the file. No good. I then made a very accurate template from the acrylic sheet, sawed the material to a very accurate nominal size, took a pencil, and traced the template. We made more than 250,000 pieces that way and everyone fit every other one… and every one was hand cut.
  4. If high precision is necessary THIS is where CNC shines. You can get that hole drilled or that slot milled or that shape cut perfectly… well… within 0.01mm and it will never vary from piece to piece unless there is a problem somewhere else;

CNC routers are very effective at crafting precise materials. However, the most common activities in which CNC routers are utilized include hobbies like woodworking, creating prototypes within the engineering field, producing pieces of art, and certain forms of production work.  CNC routers are found in manufacturing centers, but they can be purchased for private use and often come in specialized kits that allow for easy assembling by the individual user. As time goes on, expect to see even more advanced CNC routers with great capabilities to be incredibly precise in their production processes.

To make the CNC Router machine work properly, the motor is the key point. The powerful motor can handle the majority of your projects. There are several types of CNC routers in the market and selecting the best one among them can be tough. You need to compare its pricing, maintenance costs, power, durability, dust collection, speed, and much more. I will write an article about the CNC Router buying guide next time. But a good CNC Router has many characteristics as below:

  1. Flexibility: Different materials, different designs, large or small, this can be huge, as it can replace a lot of different special machinery.
  2. Multiple revenue streams: From designer partitions to acrylic letter cuts. From beautiful door patterns to sculptures, CNC Routers can give an entrepreneur multiple revenue streams.
  3. High value – In terms of what you get for what you pay, CNC Routers can add high value.
  4. Simple maintenance: Compared to a lot of complicated machinery, CNC routers are basic XYZ coordinate machines. Spares can be easily found, drill bits are cheap to replace, and you can find a lot of different forums where a number of people own CNC routers

All in all, the CNC Router machine can work in many areas and it will be a wise decision to use a CNC Router machine to replace laborers to save money and increase working efficiency. 

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