What factors to consider if you want to buy authentic gemstones?

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Choosing a real or an authentic gemstone takes a whole lot of effort for most of us as the factors which vouch for its authenticity are generally unknown to us who are not regular buyers. Most of the times, people are often duped into buying the imitation pieces that almost look similar in colour and shape. The durability, lusture, quality, shine and cut of synthetic gemstones (created in laboratories) or the fake gemstones are altogether different from the original ones. To tell if a gemstone is genuine or imitation is not rocket science and requires just your attention in order to train your eyes as you go.

Very expensive and rare, genuine gemstones or the natural gemstones are mined, hence quite expensive. Since natural gemstones are mined, they are bound to have flaws while on the other hand, synthetic or fake look absolutely clean having excess shine and lustre. You will be tempted to buy the synthetic ones as they are shinier but bear in mind, the natural ones have been worn out by the forces of nature or environment. Also, the synthetic gemstones are high in density and feel heavier than the ones which are naturally obtained.

Yet another crucial factor is the Price. Price also can give you a fair idea regarding the authenticity of the stone that you are planning to buy. Natural stone jewellery suppliers are bound to charge you high as the stone to be sold will be naturally extracted from the surface of the Earth and not synthetically manufactured in mass quantities in some labs. If you are planning to buy a rare diamond for your ladylove, make sure that passes its litmus test i.e. it should cut a glass. Only a real diamond is able to cut the glass into the required shape in the most precise and accurate manner. So, don’t shy away from testing the diamond which is being sold to you claiming that it is a rare piece of jewellery.

Yet other gemstones that are in heavy demand are Ruby and Emerald. Finest of the Emeralds are native to Colombia but are also found in other parts of the world such as Brazil, Afghanistan, Zambia, Australia etc. Emeralds from Colombia are the finest ones, vibrant greenish-blue or yellowish-green (generally in light green) in colour as compared to the ones found in the rest of the parts of the world. Also, natural stone is not perfect and flawless, can have some inclusions during its formation thereby indicating towards its purity. Whether you are looking for a single stone ring or a cluster one, make sure that you look for authenticity and credibility of the natural stone jewellery suppliers.

Few other factors that can help you choose a natural gemstone are certification, its texture or feel etc. While buying gemstones, it is of key importance that you study a bit about the particular one that you are willing to buy. Also, taking help from a gemologist to ascertain whether the gemstone is natural or not, will save you from being duped. Jewelpin is a single stop destination for all your gemstone needs and whether you need a single stone ring or one with cluster of stones, we have got you covered.

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