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The various types of earrings and pendants that we wear have many different shapes. These shapes are really appealing to the eyes and are also very catchy. However, it's not just because these are pretty that these are chosen to make jewelry. There is much more to each shape of jewelry that is made. Below are some popular jewelry shapes which have different meanings:


  1. Infinity symbol: The infinity symbol has is basically a mathematical term meaning 'the biggest number' or 'endless'. The symbol means something similar in jewelry as well. In ancient India and Tibet, this symbol in jewelry represented perfection, dualism and unity between male and female. It focuses on the never ending bond of partners, or friends etc. It also implies that the relationship will last for an endless time.

  2. Triangle symbol: The triangle symbol comes from the Christian religion, symbolizing the trinity of father, son and the spirit. It can have different meanings as per its placement, i.e. upward and downward. The upward triangle symbolizes aspiration or rising up in life. Just like the shape, it also represents fire at times. On the other hand, the downward shaped triangle means water, as it flows. In a deeper sense it also means the womb and is an ancient symbol of female divinity.

  3. Hamsa symbol: The hamsa symbol is very easy to identify as it is the shape of a palm, and the name means 'five'. The hamsa symbol is believed to have protective powers against evil eyes causing illness or unlucky. It also represents strength, power and blessings.

  4. Heart symbol: The heart symbol is known by everyone of us. It is a universal symbol for compassion and love. However, this meaning only came in the recent times. Earlier the heart symbol was a representation of Jesus Christ and his love.

  5. Cross symbol: The cross symbol is a very famous Christian symbol. It symbolizes sacrifice and salvation in reference to Jesus Christ's death upon a cross. Christians wear it as a symbol of devotion to Christianity and faith. It is believed to protect the wearer from any evil spirits.

  6. Horse shoe symbol: The horse shoe symbol is very famous in houses but is not very popularly seen in jewelry. It is supposed to bring good luck to and fortune to the wearer. It is also a way to pay homage to the beauty of the moon. A unique representation of this symbol is to good corps and fertility. 

  7. Evil eye symbol: The evil eye symbol is not particularly a shape, but a particular design. As the name itself suggests, the symbol saves the wearer from unfortunate evil eyes which might be intentional or unintentional, known or of strangers, hidden or not hidden as well.

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