What does the coal company say about freight charges by international routes?

by Han Nguyen Marketing executive
Currently, most countries in the world have to import coal to supplement and maintain a sustainable supply for the market. During the import process, công ty than always pay a certain fee for logistics transportation. Regarding this fee, what did the companies say and how to calculate it? Please find out.
Coal import is considered an optimal and effective solution for the coal supply process to be sustainable. Most công ty than are looking for a reputable coal import market to optimize the quality of their products. When exporting and delivering goods, freight rates are always considered and considered. On the investment side, the coal supplier on the demand side must carefully calculate to adjust the domestic resale price appropriately. So, what is the formula for this cost? Based on what basis to determine?
công ty than
When importing coal, công ty than are more or less dependent on international transportation costs. The higher shipping costs, the higher the price when selling, thereby affecting the competitiveness of the market. When buying in large quantities, companies often have a policy of supporting prices.
The formula for calculating the freight circulation charge is expressed based on the volume of goods or the volume of goods at the standard freight rate specified for transportation. Specifically:
Converted weight (kg) = (length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm)) / 5000
Shipping cost = converted weight x the prescribed standard charge per kilogram ($)
Compliance with the formula for shipping costs will help the market become more sustainable, and have a basis for building fairness and stability. In addition, this formula also makes it easier for công ty than to better compare and manage import control.
Depending on the different supply, standard rates will be shown differently. Many countries will support no additional tax on international shipping, in order to boost bilateral trade to a higher level.

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