What Does Astrology Say About Your Unborn Baby?

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Astrology is an ancient science which has defined each and every attribute of human existing for eons. In fact, every since a new born is born, it has been a practise to check the birth horoscope or the kundali of the new born. Vedic astrology or Vedic horoscope for new born babies clearly detailed the secrets of their existence.

It details with their personality, career, future of their roe etc., Some native considers this as Child astrology and take a detailed reading in the form of reports, hand written or computerised report. This has been the practise for a long time.  

Now, there has been practise to check the general characteristics or attributes of a new born using the Moon sign or Rashi in general. Various aspects of Child Personality are also checked through the rashi’s of a native.

Future point has come out with some of these features for the benefit of its readers. Though these are in general. But would give good understanding of their personality.

Aries Moon sign or Mesh rashi.

These tiny little ones are natural leaders and full of ambition. They will have competitiveness and will love a challenge. They never give up and love getting their way. Usually they will gladly argue with anyone who will argue with them.

Taurus Moon sign or Vrushaba rashi.

Happiest when they’re creating something, these ones live to create and leave their mark in the society. They are lovers of new life, and love to witness and nurture baby animals and beautiful blossoming flowers.

Gemini Moon sign or Mithuna rashi.

Keep these smart, little ones busy – else they are quick to become bored. These little ones will keep you on your toes with their love of discoveries, wit, adventures, and action. Very expressive in nature.

Cancer Moon sign or Karka rashi.

Cancers are little dreamers. They’re very smart and creative, love to show affection, but tend to not need much affection in return. They’re patient and stubborn. They are protectors of the weak and will stretch the extremes.

 Leo Moon sign or Sinha rashi.

Magical and born to shine, these little one’s love being the centre of attention. Prideful, but loving and creative, you must help them find outlets to let their colours flow. Also, a born leader, they would not let others to dominate them.

Virgo Moon sign or Kanya rashi

Born to care for others more than themselves, these little Virgos are responsible and have a strong need to keep themselves busy. They love to take opportunities to help other’s, wherever they are needed.

Libra Moon sign or Tula rashi

Peaceful and loving, a little Libra baby will be your little angel. Balanced, harmony, and love are the only requirements to keep your mild-mannered child happy. Also, they love music and entertainment.

Scorpio Moon sign or Vrischika rashi.

Scorpios are difficult to understand because they keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. As a secretive sign, they are not open to all. They’re quite mysterious, love keeping secrets, and being by themselves. Their passion and charm draw people to them.

Sagittarius moon sign or Dhanu Rashi.

Their enduring optimism, happiness, and wonder keep these little ones excited in life. They love learning by exploring everything, from books to maps to their back yard. But yes they also love to be on their own in their journey.

Capricorn moon sign or Makar Rashi.

Remind your little Capricorn to just be a child. The try to be upstart many a time. Their old souls and integrity make them wise, serious, and timeless. But their nature is to be stubborn and determined. They never give up which  allows them to thrive through difficult times.

Aquarius moon sign or Kumbha Rashi.

A borrowed angel is what your little Aquarius new born is. While brave and impassive, they are compassionate and care deeply about other people and the earth.

Pisces moon sign or Meena Rashi.

Intuitive and gentle, these little new born’s are very sensitive to other’s feeling. Pisces are said to have intuitions so vivid that they have a sixth sense. They affectionate, loving, happy endings, and love fantasy stories.


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