What Do You Know About Invisalign ?

by Pooja Chauhan Freelance Professional

This technique is specially designed for people who want to straighten their teeth and have a beautiful smile without being embarrassed during treatment due to the appearance of metal clamps and orthodontic wire during treatment.

This technique allows patients today to cure and evaluate their teeth without changing their lifestyle and can get beautiful smile.

Now you don't need to change your lifestyle or shyness from the orthodontic wire with the blockers, and this is an overview of this type of treatment to get to know its most important features.

This technique is characterized by many advantages, including:

1 - Preserving the aesthetic side: the device can't be seen when placed on the teeth, and this characteristic distinguishes this type of orthodontic than others.

2 - Functional side: The Invisalign device can move the teeth until they reach the normal position required without the need to put the metal orthodontic wires.

3 - Health: The patient can remove the Invisalign during the time of eating and drinking and during the cleaning of the teeth, and this feature gives the patient more rest during the treatment.

4 - Convenient: the patient will not be disturbed by the lack of wires and metal clips.

Define Invisalign

Invisalign device is used to move teeth to small distances with patients who need orthodontic treatment, which is a series of successive molds made of acrylic material (plastic) is a semi-transparent to prove on the patient's teeth for specific periods of time to be replaced after The end of each period; where the teeth are moved simply to a better position than before to become teeth in the desired situation.

Invisalign differs from the traditional calendar, which uses metal wires and barriers, while the Invisalign uses special plastic materials that are separated by the size of the patient's teeth.

It is a series of devices that the patient places for a period of one to two weeks according to the diagnosis of the dentist in Dubai and then replaces the device to move to the stage The following teeth become in a healthier position than before until the treatment period ends and the teeth become in the desired position.

The Invisalign is used to treat:

1 - tooth contention.

2 - tooth warp.

3 - round teeth.

4 - slanted teeth.

5 - teeth advanced forward and backward.

How do I use Invisalign treatment in Dubai ?

This process is done by taking a precise tooth print through which the teeth are moved a little so that the teeth are in a healthier position than before and the teeth are moved according to the plan set by the dentist in Dubai. This process is followed until the teeth reach the required condition. Between one week and two weeks or more according to Dubai dentist diagnosis of the patient, and the treatment period is from 6 to 24 months or more if needed.

What are the benefits of Invisalign in Dubai?

The most important feature is that it is semi-transparent (invisible), and this feature gives the patient more comfort and privacy in treatment.

The Invisalign is a removable device that can be removed at the time of eating and drinking.

In other words, there is more freedom in this type of treatment, and it can be cleaned easily. 

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