What Do You Know About Home Air Conditioning Servicing And Air Conditioning Installation Costs

by Hana Aircon Aircon Servicing Company

Learn about home aircon servicing in Singapore and aircon installation prices in Singapore. There are many factors to consider when you want to install an air-conditioning unit in your home, so there is a lot of research that goes into it. Here’s the breakdown of each service and how much it would cost for you.

What is a home aircon service?

Air conditioning is one of the most important aspects of your home. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your home air conditioning service is well-maintained. Home air conditioner servicing often includes the following steps: checking the refrigerant quality, checking for leaks, changing filters, cleaning coils, replacing worn out parts, and coolant. A home air conditioning service is the process of servicing the components of an air conditioning system. This includes checking for leaks, replacing filters, and other maintenance that can be performed at home by an experienced technician. When a home air conditioner breaks down, a repairman will come to your house and fix it. When a technician comes, they will check the equipment and make sure everything is working properly.

Why should you have your central aircon serviced?

Before you get your central air conditioner serviced, make sure that the following things are in good working condition: Your fan blade and motor; your A/C filters; your condenser coils; and your gas valve. After the unit has been fixed, it's time to talk about what will happen with your home's heating and cooling system. The technician can change out the filter, clean the condenser coils, and check the gas valve. You'll get a quote on how many hours it will take to fix your whole system for this price. Aircon servicing is a routine maintenance service performed by your air conditioning system distributor or a technician. Checking the compressor and cooling fans of your central air conditioner helps maintain its performance. The technicians can also tune-up the filters to prevent them from clogging up. They will also check for any leaks and seal them with gaskets, glass, and epoxy before servicing the unit.

What are the pros and cons of central air conditioning service?

Home aircon servicing in Singapore is a service that involves the installation of ducts, vents, and air-conditioners in your home or office. There are many benefits to this service. If you have been struggling with the temperature in your home, central air conditioning service will bring relief to you and your family. In addition, it also helps to reduce humidity levels by up to 40%. However, there are some cons associated with this service as well. For instance, if you choose not to have central aircon service done on a regular basis, then there is a greater chance of having a breakdown in the cooling system. Central air conditioning servicing is a good option for people who are concerned about the energy consumption in their homes. However, this service can be expensive compared to other alternatives.

How much does an aircon installation price Singapore?

The price of air conditioners varies depending on the size and brand. The installation cost also varies based on the type and location of installation. Aircon servicing and installation is a process that includes checking the condition of the unit, cleaning it, lubricating it, and installing a new filter. The price for this service will depend on the size of the unit and its current condition. The aircon installation price in Singapore is much higher than in other countries such as Australia, India, and Thailand. However, this cost will be worth it when you consider the amount of energy that you're going to save in the long run.


With the increasing demand for home air conditioning, it is important to have it serviced periodically. When your aircon has not been serviced for so long, there are chances that the unit may break down or even give you an electric shock. You can also save yourself some money by doing this on your own.



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