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The joy of painting a house is almost equivalent to the joy of just building one. That satisfaction that comes from successfully painting your home walls sometimes cannot be quantified. The appealing look, the beautiful environment, the uniqueness of the paints and more importantly, the compliments from visitors and well-wishers most times give very exciting feelings. 

This euphoria and seemingly unending happiness usually get cut off abruptly after some time though, especially when the wall begins to change color and harbor dust and dirt. This can be very annoying and frustrating. This unfair and bad feeling has made a lot of home owns destroy their beautiful paintings. They want the beautiful and appealing looks that beautiful wall once gave. They go ahead to mix random soaps and water, get just any brush and destroy the painting in a bid to wash the wall.

All of these sad feelings can be avoided though, provided one follows the right steps. In Canton, interior painters usually give recommendations on the best way to properly wash newly painted walls in order not to mess the work up. Some of these steps will be carefully highlighted below:


There are different paints with different textures and appearance. It would be totally wrong to assume all paintings are the same and thus should be treated the same way. When it comes to the painting of interior walls, various paints can be used in getting the work done. We have seen flat, satin, egg-shell paints been used over the years, gloss paints have also been used times without number on interior walls. These paints have a different level of durability and it would be wise to know about the kind of paint used on your wall before you even think of washing it. This is usually the first recommendation of interior painters like, so, it’s best to ask them about it and learn more.


This is usually the first recommended step when it comes to taking proper care of interior walls in Canton. Before you act out of frustration, just take a careful look and the wall, get a clean and soft duster and wipe off the dust on the wall. This might just be all you need do in order to get the wall back in shape. It is advisable not to just jump into thorough washing without a proper dusting of the wall.


The usual cause of a dirty wall, especially in Canton, is due to not properly cleaning the wall before the painting is done. Well, if this is the case, then, it might be very difficult to get the dirt out once the house as already been painted, so you don’t have to be mad at yourself or the wall. If you would have to wash the wall at all, it has to be done mildly and gently. After all, this is a newly painted wall and it is not expected to harbor too much dust and dirt except on rare occasions. Never use harsh soaps and brushes while washing your wall. In order to get your desired result and not something worse, then wash mildly. 

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