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Most people associate low blood sugar levels with diabetes and aren’t even aware of the fact that healthy people, without diabetes, can have hypoglycemic episodes as well. They even don't know how to find a best online physician in Pakistan? Hypoglycemia refers to a drop in blood sugar level to the point of making you feel queasy, dizzy and in severe cases, even lose consciousness. If you ever feel like this, talk to your doctor about it and learn how to prevent a hypoglycemic episode. Or you can find a best online physician in Pakistan and get expert medical advice from the convenience of your own home!

What does the term ‘hypoglycemia’ mean anyway?

In medical terms, hypoglycemia refers to a dangerously low blood sugar level. When blood sugar levels drop below 70mg/dl it is considered by doctors as hypoglycemia. Glucose is the simplest form of sugar utilized by our bodies to provide energy. When we talk to about ‘blood sugar levels’, we basically mean blood glucose levels. During a hypoglycemic episode, the body doesn’t have enough energy to function normally. If you think you experience low blood sugar, see your doctor. It can be a dangerous situation. For medical guidance, you can find a best online physician in Pakistan by downloading an online doctor app on your smartphone and booking an online doctor appointment in Pakistan.

How can an online physician in Pakistan help me?

The best online physicians in Pakistan is increasingly becoming popular across the country. With almost every service being available online, healthcare services are too. Online healthcare services like online doctor apps connect doctors and patients all over the country. Telemedicine is making quality healthcare more affordable and accessible to people across Pakistan. With 70% of Pakistan’s population residing in the rural region, best online physician plays an important role in providing healthcare and awareness in far-flung areas that lack the most basic healthcare facilities.

By downloading an online doctor app on your smartphone, you can find a best online physician in Karachi, Lahore or any city across Pakistan and get the medical help you need in no time! Why spend so much time and money on commute and consultation fees for basic medical advice when you can use telemedicine apps and get the same service at much cheaper rates and sometimes even for FREE!

Experts say that more than 80% of health problems can effectively be solved online as long as they don’t require emergency or urgent care. You can find a best online physician

Does hypoglycemia only occur in diabetics?

Although hypoglycemic episodes are more common in diabetics, people without diabetes also experience it. Some people with diabetes take insulin shots because either their bodies don’t produce enough insulin or they are resistant to it. If someone takes too much insulin, they are likely to experience hypoglycemia. Having said that, non-diabetics can experience hypoglycemia as well. You can ask your doctor about hypoglycemia in both diabetics and non-diabetics or find best online physician in Pakistan and learn the difference on the phone. Skip the waiting room and get expert medical advice on the GO!

What causes hypoglycemia?

There are many causes of low blood sugar levels. Some of the more common causes in people without diabetes include:

Reactive hypoglycemia. This is when there is excess production of insulin after a meal. Reactive hypoglycemia may be an early sign of diabetes in some and should be checked out by your primary healthcare provider. To know more about this, find best online physician in Pakistan. See if you need to get tested for diabetes.

Alcohol consumption. Excess alcohol can damage the pancreas and liver. The pancreas releases a glucose-regulating hormone called glucagon which signals the liver to release stored sugar into the blood during hypoglycemia. Too much alcohol may impair this function, leaving the person more prone to hypoglycemia. If you’re not comfortable talking to a doctor about this, then find best online physician and discuss your drinking problem over the phone.

Medication. Certain medicines like anti-malaria, some anti-biotics, and anti-pneumonia meds can cause hypoglycemia as a side effect. It is important to follow the doctor’s order while taking any medication. If you don’t understand something, ask. A great way to get quick answers is by booking an online doctor appointment and talking to a best online physician in Pakistan. Get medical advice in no time.

Medical conditions like kidney problems, pancreatic disease, hormonal disturbances, and hepatitis can all lead to hypoglycemia due to disturbance in the glucose regulatory mechanism. If you have any of these conditions, make sure to ask your doctor about hypoglycemic episodes and what you can do prevent and manage them. Or just download an online doctor app on your smartphone and find a Physician online in Pakistan and get expert medical advice from home.

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