What are the various kinds of e-liquid distributors?

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E-liquids are flavored fluids that are used in electronic cigarettes that contain nicotine. Liquid distributors are used to distributing liquids into a packaged column evenly. They strongly influence the packing efficiency and ensure to enter the liquid uniformly. As a result, distributing the fluid in the packaging of cigarettes is a bit difficult job. The distribution point should be matched with packing. Hence, the adoption and high operational flexibility are very important.

With the help of bulk e-liquid distributors, the fabrication and installment of the liquid become easy to do. It ensures the equal and uniform distribution of the fluid. Therefore, the various kinds of e-liquid distributors are used to spread the liquid properly. The advantages and various kinds of bulk e-liquid distributors are highlighted below.

1. Multi-types for different liquids – There are wide ranges of liquid distributors that you can choose. The multi-materials are to suit different sorts of fluids. Heavy liquids, medium liquids, and gas loads need different distributors to do their job. Hence, the multi-choice offers you the right fit distributor for the kind of fluid.

2. Convenient – They are convenient. They can work in any given temperature and environment. Various temperatures make them more flexible to work with the specified liquids. 

3. Uniform liquid distribution – The liquid distribution occurs evenly and uniformly through the perforated holes and spaces. The larger the surface area of packing is, the more special separation requirements are needed. Therefore, the distributors distribute the liquid in a specific and organized way.

The various kinds of liquid distributors are:

1. Through distributor – Through distributors have through type and pan-through type. This is used for the heavy liquid, gas load, and high viscosity liquid. That is why through distributor is a good medium of spreading and distributing the fluid for nicotine.

2. Spray nozzles - Spray nozzles are used for the most evenly liquid distribution. It is most suitable for the smaller diameter packed tower. There are numerous holes in 3-10mm in the nozzle that equally spread the liquid in the packaging bed.

3. Pipe distributor – Perforated pipes help to distribute the medium liquid to the packaging bed through holes under the pipes. They also help to reduce pressure distillation. They are commonly found in ring shapes and ladder shapes. 

Summing up:

E-cigarettes contain nicotine that comes with various flavorings and other chemicals. Hence, distribution becomes difficult if you are not using the correct distributors. The uniform distribution of liquid is very important as it directly goes into the packing, and once it goes, it is tough to separate. Therefore, the even distribution makes the product's composition suitable for the consumers. Thus, choose the right e-liquid distributor for the right formulation.

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