What Are The Normal Features Of An ICU Bed?

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An ICU bed, also named intensive care or critical care bed, is intended for patients with acute health conditions. We speak about people with unbalanced neurological, cardiovascular, and respiratory activity. A typical ICU bed made by ICU Bed Manufacturers is electrically operated with a remote or control board to ease repositioning. As a consequence, healthcare workers input little to no bodily force. 

Also, among other roles, the ICU bed must comprise Trendelenberg and cardiac chair placing to ease recovery from heart surgery and respiratory conditions. In addition, the ICU bed must be sized to accommodate a pressure-relieving futon.

Features of ICU Bed

Numerous traits make the ICU bed unique. But, most importantly, these features are appropriate for medical involvement in critical cases. These four traits are normal in all ICU beds.

CPR Release

Respiratory inadequacy is one of the circumstances that land patients in the ICU. And to reinstate normalcy, healthcare workers commence Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). This process includes the patient lying flat on his back to realize optimum chest compression. 

Breathing issues can occur abruptly while a patient is in the ICU. With this in mind, the ICU bed is armed with a CPR release which, upon pushing a key, the bed instantly accepts a challenging flat location to initiate CPR. 

Weighing System

In most cases, using the predictable weighing scale for ICU patients is impractical. Though, the patient's weight must be measured as it is a supportive parameter for treatment. With this in mind, many ICU beds assimilate weighing scales in their plans, so patients don't require to stand or sit to measure their weight. 

IV Pole & Peg

IV poles typically come with ICU beds as they hang liquids administered via the IV route, like lactated Ringer's, Dextrose, and usual saline. The IV pole also firmly hangs the blood bag to ease blood transfusion. The most common IV poles typically have two to four pegs that hold the fluid bags.

With the IV pole, two or more liquids can be administered concurrently. Also, since the ICU bed is armed with the IV pole, the patient transfer becomes much calmer as the nurse only has to move the bed. As a consequence, there is a low chance of transport injury or disturbance of IV administration. 

Detachable head and footboards

ICU beds are constructed such that you can eliminate their head and footboards. This is helpful in critical situations as the removable headboard recovers patient access, particularly when there is a necessity to support the head to improve breathing.

In addition, this feature eases prone placing, making the patient lie face down. Doing this spasmodically endorses external respiration. 

Nurse controls

ICU beds have plentiful control choices. While some have inherent patient controls on the sidebars, others are armed with a nurse control which is inherent on the footboard's base and also obtainable as a handset. The majority of ICU beds comprise supplied by ICU Bed Suppliers both control choices.

The inherent nurse control feature fortifies all lock purposes to furnish to patients who are not strong enough to grip the patient controls, thus stopping hazards. Also, being a wireless system, the nurse control stances with no danger to patients and medical staff during emergencies.

4 Significant Factors to Reflect in an ICU bed

Trendelenburg Positioning is a Must

The Trendelenburg spot, in which the legs are raised with the head down, is essential for improving respiratory and cardiac functions. Also, the reverse Trendelenburg is a good location for head and neck operations. With this in mind, selecting an ICU bed made by an ICU Bed manufacturer that offers these positionings is essential.

Cardiac Chair

Another attribute to reflect on when purchasing an ICU bed is the cardiac chair. This helps alleviate pulmonary embolisms and other heart-related circumstances, especially during surgeries.  

Sterile Material

Patients in the ICU have grave health problems, and the last thing you want for them is an assimilated infection. Therefore, safeguard that the ICU bed is made of sterile materials. Also, safeguard that they are water-resistant and water permits the explosion of microbes.

Inherent X-Ray Trays

X-ray imaging is an essential medical procedure that will most likely be required for ICU patients. Hence, the ICU bed must have movable x-ray trays to allow the easy placing of the x-ray machine while the patient is on the bed. This is another exhilarating feature that is not shared in regular hospital beds.


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