What Are The Natural Ways To Treat Joint And Knee Pain (Rheumatoid Arthritis)?

by Sujatha Kapoor online ayurvedic medicine store

Natural remedies can help fight and relieve joint pain, if the problem is not too serious. If it is severe, you can opt to ayurvedic medicine for arthritis. Although, there is no rule to take ayurvedic medicine only after the symptoms become serious. You may start the treatment from the very beginning so that you can further advancement of the joint inflammation.

What causes joint pain?

Joint pain is usually caused by inflammation. It can have many causes: fever, injuries and even rheumatoid arthritis. The most common signs of inflammation are pain, heat, swelling, redness, stiffness and loss or difficulty in mobility. To protect your well-being and your pocket, try using ayurvedic medicine for arthritis, more natural and affordable than conventional ones. It can relieve joint pain and treat inflammation. Herbs work by supporting the natural cleansing functions of the kidneys and large intestine, as well as helping to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage. However, if symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

Natural Remedies for Joint Pain – Burdock root

Increasing essential fatty acids intake may reduce the cartilage inflammation. Burdock roots contain many fatty oils that help to give these herb anti-inflammatory properties. You can eat burdock root as food and you can cut the dry root and put it in boiling water. The tea can be used for application as a compress while it is hot.

Natural Remedies for Joint Pain – Turmeric

Turmeric is a very effective herb in reducing inflammation everywhere in your body and also helps to relieve joint pain. It is also very similar to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, often prescribed for people with joint pain. The anti-inflammatory effect is one of the reasons why turmeric is recommended to assist in the conventional treatment of people with cancer, cataracts and Alzheimer's disease.

Natural Remedies for Joint Pain –Ginger

It is an anti-inflammatory agent used in Ayurvedic medicine also against rheumatism. Ginger extract blocks the activation of inflammatory mediators, such as COX-2 and TNF, as well as the suppression of prostaglandin E2 via inflammation. However, a study was done to see the effects of powdered ginger on people who had either rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. Approximately 75% of patients experienced pain relief and decreased swelling.

Yellow and green clays

The yellow clay provides relief from joint pain and helps in the recovery of injuries that were caused by knocks or sprains. It increases local circulation, oxygenating the region and aiding venous return. The green clay can also be used to relieve this type of pain, as it has sedative, calming and relaxing effect. Its application promotes the elimination of toxins, improving blood circulation and decongesting lymphatic circulation.


Do you know the good news? All these above mentioned natural materials have no side effects. In comparison with conventional medicines, ayurvedic medicines are more effective. Not only materials, but also several other natural herbs are included. This gives you unbelievable result. It is why ayurvedic medicines are widely accepted among the patients with any types of arthritis.

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