What are the medicinal properties of the CBD?

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The properties and medicinal benefits of the CBD

For many years it is known of the medicinal properties of marijuana, however it does not so many that it was known that the cannabinoid of greatest possible knowledge so far was not the THC, the cannabinoids with more medicinal properties is the CBD Oil.

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What is the cannabinoid (CBD)?

The CBD is one of many cannabinoids that are present in the plant of Cannabis with an atomic composition very similar to that of THC, but the contrary that the latter, does not have psychotropic effects, in other words, does not produce effects of drunkenness, of euphoria, vertigo or characteristics related to THC, and usually to the varied use that is given to marijuana.

The Cannabidiol (CBD) has different properties and therapeutic benefits. An attractive peculiarity of this cannabinoid is the low toxicity it possesses and the simple fact that it contains few undesirable side effects: In the worst situation, an excessive dose could produce sedation.

In other words, the CBD has a low correlation with cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2), but it works more meaningfully with other recipients of the organism, such as GPR55 or 5-HT1A.

The CBD works best if consumed with other cannabinoids

A study published in the year 2015 in mid-February in the journal Pharmacology and Pharmacy states that an extract from the plant of marijuana rich in CBD and other cannabinoids, has a better efficacy than the CBD used in a pure way, thanks to the other cannabinoids, Odiferous terseness and some other elements found in the plant that exert in natural association to improve the management of the CBD and in specific its ratio, dose and efficacy.

Therefore, it is transcendental to use, when possible, products that also have other synergistic atoms and not exclusively the CBD in its isolated character. Normally the products with CBD for consumption are found in forms of capsules, oil or spray with CBD.

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How to consume the CBD?

The dose of CBD is not well determined by science yet and varies depending on the condition to be treated, but usually begins with 1mg of CBD for each kilogram of body weight and gradually increasing to find the effective dose.

It should be noted that the study published on the website of research on Cannabis and cannabinoids in June 2016, which shows that the CBD consumed by mouth can cause adverse effects of THC by gastric acids of the stomach. This could manifest why certain infants consuming CBD for epilepsy face the side effects of THC, such as numbness.

Therefore, it is recommended to use the CBD specifically via lingual, to prevent it from passing through the digestive tract.

There are also diversities of marijuana with certain levels of CBD and THC in equitable proportions. Genetics have psychoactive sequels less strong than the classic diversities abundant in the THC and they agree to take effective advantage of the properties and benefits of the CBD.

Currently, many marijuana seed banks recently created a variety of medicinal marijuana varieties with much more abundant CBD than in THC; you can find marijuana seeds with high CBD in our store.

Diseases for which the CBD is useful

Inflammations, pains, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, antipsychotics, nausea and vomiting, reconstruction of fractures, protection of the liver, among others.

  • Inflammations and pains: The cannabidiol possesses good analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, both in topical creams or by lingual or oral consumption.

  • Therapeutic: The Cannabidiol, serves as a therapeutic strategy to reduce the damage caused by inflammation.

  • Anxiety and depression: The CBD is an efficient anxiolytic, which allows regulating humor and preventing depressive stages, as manifested by all the different studies that have recently been made on the subject.

  • The Cannabidiol would also be effective in combating panic attacks and distress crises.

  • Epilepsy: The CBD is effective for certain cases of patients suffering from very serious ways of seizures that are reluctant to classic medicines, specifically with children, such as West, Drave or Lennox and Gas taut syndromes. You can read more about Cannabis and epilepsy.

  • Antipsychotics: Cannabidiol has important antipsychotic benefits, used exclusively to fight schizophrenia.

  • Vomiting and nausea: Cannabidiol has antiemetic benefits, avoiding or decreasing nausea.

  • Chronic diseases of intestinal inflammation.

  • Acne: The CBD has a tactical and anti-inflammatory tallow effect on human Sebocytes, which agrees to be an effective element in the treatment of acne.

  • Neuropsychiatry and neurological conditions: Cannabidiol protects neurons by preventing them from continuing to degenerate; this neuroprotective benefit is especially useful for combating neurological diseases.

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  • Reconstruction of fractures: the Cannabidiol (CBD) accelerates the recovery of bone fissures stimulating the action of osteoblasts.

  • Cancer: This plant is totally effective in combating some kinds of cancer that is the objective of various studies, thanks to its antitumor benefits.

  • The cannabidiol possesses in specific the advantage of obtaining an ant angiogenesis action, that is to say, that it prevents the creation of new Sanguineous channels necessary for the development of the tumors.

  • Liver protection: Cannabidiol protects the liver from hepatic statuses caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

  • This preventive action does not limit itself only to alcohol that the CBD also protects the liver from damage caused by cocaine consumption.

  • Diabetes: Cannabidiol (CBD) would be able to reduce the aftermath of diabetes. But the CBD could also help address the difficulties associated with this disease, such as retinopathy or diabetic cardiopathy.

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