What are the main symptoms of sleep apnea?

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Unusual And Sneaky Indicators Of Sleep Apnea

The human body has been blessed with a wonderful and healthy sleeping mechanism. Every night when a person sleeps his body along with different organ systems switch to rejuvenation mode. A good night’s sleep is incredibly important and is no less significant than eating and exercising.

According to different researches and studies conducted every individual should sleep for 6-8 hours every night. Sleeping inappropriately can lead to multiple serious health problems. Are you not able to catch up sleep easily for quite some time? This post sheds light on one kind of sleep disorder, getting common in America- Sleep Apnea.

Untreated Sleep Apnea is really dangerous:
Considering Sleep apnea symptoms and signs is indispensably important. Some people think that it is related to overweight condition coupled with loud snoring and interrupted sleep. These are related to Sleep apnea but the indications that you are suffering through this serious sleep disorder are not limited to these. As sleep deprivation is associated with not only physical but mental and emotional well-being too this is not advised to overlook the symptoms given below. Consider the signs and symptoms given below to seek medical advice for confirmation.

Alternative signs of Sleep Apnea

    Hallmark symptom of this severe sleep disorder is related to snoring. Snoring is through the most known symptom of Sleep Apnea but it is missed by many people suffering through it because one will snore only after falling asleep. A long list of symptoms of this may include many such that can surprise you. Being aware of these will help you fight not only the symptoms but also you will seek proper medical treatment for this condition.

Depression- It is strongly associated with Sleep Apnea. Feeling low, negative, guilt and losing interest in activities that you earlier enjoyed can all be due to untreated sleep apnea. Several studies have shown the similar results after which this can be backed that in comparison to general population patients with Sleep Apnea are more prone to depression.

Impotence- Now you will say what has your erection to do with sleeping problems. It can be surprising for many to know that compromised blood flow that affects penis is itself affected by sleep apnea. Cardiovascular consequences with Sleep Apnea are almost inevitable.

Dry mouth and Drooling– For those who don’t have a clue of Sleep apnea, this may be actually challenging to associate these two contradictory symptoms with it. These two otherwise opposite sounding symptoms are caused when a person breathes through the mouth. If either of these is happening to you, you may be at risk of Sleep apnea.


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