What Are the Common Taboos of Hehe Shu?

by Andy B. Consultant

The Taoist culture is a strong stroke in the Han culture. Under the long history, the Taoist culture is quite popular. Hehe Shu of Taoism culture has always been favored by men and women who are not comfortable with emotions. Hehe Shu is a secret technique that can enhance the emotions of men and women.


In fact, Hehe Shu is just a vague name. It can be divided into marriage Hehe, Liuqin Hehe, Mihe,Pohe and so on .Among marriage Hehe, on the one hand, it is for creating connection to new relationship; on the other hand, its for couples emotion.


In Hehe Shu, magic skills like mother-in-law and daughter-in-law Hehe, father and son Hehe, other several categories are the most welcomed and has the lowest failure rate.

In the harmony, the best and most suitable solution, the is the husband and wife, the . It is generally beneficial to carry out this kind of harmony in the process of feelings or marriage. It is possible to avoid the occurrence of separation, and this kind of harmony is the most willing to do for the Taoist master, since it can accumulate merits with a high success rate.


Please note that Hehe Shu needs to be used in the right way. If it is used for sinfulness,the consequences will be unimaginable. If you have problems with your boyfriend/girlfriend but you really don't know how to solve it, try Hehe Shu. However, you need to pay attention to some taboos. Otherwise, if you accidentally violate the taboo of Hehe Shu, the union will be invalid.


In general, after Hehe Shu, you should be vegetarian, no intercourse, don't go to some entertainment places, don't kill animals, etc. These are taboos of Hehe Shu. If you violate any of them, the Shu may fail. Whether the Shu can work depends on the individual's sincerity. If you dont truthfully inform the Taoist master of the specific information, the Shu may also fail.

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