What are the common problems with lemon law buyback offers?

by Andrew Richardson allenstewart

Vehicle manufacturers want to provide themselves with the best deal possible when buying back a vehicle that's been deemed a lemon. Producers often attempt to take advantage of the customer's inexperience by inserting terms into a buyback offer, not within their best interests.

With the assistance of a skilled lawyer, buyers can get the deals they deserve under the law. Read on to learn about the three main common issues with lemon buyback offers, and contact a skilled lemon law lawyer for more information.

1- The auto-manufacturer requires you to sign a release

Under the MN Lemon Law, buyers are entitled to repurchase or replace an inadequate vehicle. There's no requirement under the direction that the buyer signs a release or other settlement agreement to get the buyback they're entitled to under the law. Producers who demand that they're entitled to have customers sign a release to get a buyback to distort the law.

2- You may end up owing more than you might get for your buyback

You will be upside down on your car rental, meaning that you owe more to the bank than your car is worth. This is often known as having negative equity. This may happen after you traded in a vehicle that you still owed cash on to buy the car that turned out to be a lemon.

For example: If you owed $3,000 on the car, you traded in to purchase the $14,000 lemon, and you'd owe $17,000 on your car loan. A buyback under Lemon Law in MN will be a refund within the amount that you paid for the vehicle. However, if you owed more than the lemon was worth, you'll still owe whatever is cleared out of the negative value after getting a buyback.

There are a few strategies to avoid owing cash on a car you do not own after a buyback, including trading the lemon for another vehicle in a collateral swap. A lemon law lawyer can assist you in choosing which alternative is best for you.

3- The manufacturer is dictating the mileage offset

When a lawyer doesn't represent buyers, auto-manufacturers often allow those customers the impression that they have no right to contest the mileage offset that the producer has calculated, even if it appears excessively aggressive. This is another way that producers reduce their liability in a buyback case.

At the end

Having a vehicle with defects can be a major headache, but attempting to get your money back from the auto-manufacturer can be an even more significant issue if you don't have an excellent legitimate team on your side. If you believe that your vehicle may qualify for a buyback under MN Lemon Law, contact a seasoned and talented lemon law lawyer for a no-cost consultation on your claim.

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