What are the best sleeping positions for lowering the back pain?

by Teja Sahib Smart Glass

As sleeping is one of the most important phenomena in our daily routine and we have to maintain it by using different tactics. We use bedroom rug size to increase to the beauty of the bedroom. Similarly, we also need to change certain habits in order to get better sleep. Some people feel back pain while sleeping which play a notorious role in disturbing your sound sleep. To overcome the back pain, there are certain positions which you need to know. These positions will not only lower your back pain but also will allow you to have a comfortable sleep all night.

Sleep on your side with a pillow in between your legs:

There are a lot of people in this world who feel back pain when they try to sleep flat. It reduces their comfort and does not let them have a sound sleep. This kind of people needs to change their sleeping position in order to lower their back pain.

In this position, you have to allow your left shoulder to have contact with the mattress like your whole body. Then you have to place a pillow between your legs. If there is a space between your waist and the mattress then you should use a small pillow to cover that space. It does not matter whether you use one pillow or two, it will resist your desire to sleep on the single side. Sleeping on a single side can lead to muscle imbalance. Moreover, sleeping on your side does not only make you feel comfortable, it is the pillow that allows you to have a sound sleep and gives you comfort. You must have best chemical free mattress for lumbar support.

Sleep On Your Side in The Fetal Position:

If you have a herniated disc then this position is the best position for you. This is position in which you lay on the support of you lower back and then you bend the knees towards your abdomen and curl your torso. In this position, you have to change the side after some time in order to prevent the imbalance. Discs are defined as the soft cushions which are present in your spine between the vertebrae. Herniation takes place when a part of disc is displaced from its original position. When you curl your torso, the space present between your vertebrae opens thus increasing the space.

Sleep on your stomach with a pillow placed under your abdomen:

It is said that sleeping on the stomach is bad for back pain. This is not completely true and neither completely false as sleeping on the stomach increases the pressure on your neck. If you find yourself comfortable at this position then it is one of the best positions for you.

In this position, you have to put a pillow beneath your pelvis in order to reduce the pressure. Placing the pillow in this position is not necessary. It totally depends on you. If you feel comfortable without placing a pillow then you don’t have to choose the pillow.

Sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees:

Placing the pillow under your knees is also a good choice. Placing a pillow under your knees is important because it keeps your spine neutral. In this position, you have to sleep on your back this. When you prefer to sleep on your back, it results in even distribution of pressure.

What kind of pillow should be used?

In order to get good sleep, it is necessary to have a good quality pillow. If you want to sleep on your back, it is important that your pillow must fill the area between your neck and the mattress. If you will not look upon this matter, it will lead to restlessness even after sleep and will result in a rigid and stiffed neck.

There are pillows present in various sizes. The size of the pillow is chosen by keeping the view of your sleeping position. To have good back support, it is necessary to have a pillow which fills the space between your waist and the mattress. In this way, the frequency of back pain is reduced and you will have a comfortable sleep.

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