What Are The Benefits Of Using Fleet Management Software

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Logistics is an integral part of the economy of any country. Logistics companies are responsible for ensuring that the consignments reach their destination on time and securely. But that is not enough because logistics businesses need optimization of the fleet’s trips. And the only way to achieve that is through fleet management software.

Fleet monitoring software will allow you to have visibility of your fleet operation to a greater extent. It has features and solutions that will give your logistics company and managers a greater command over the fleet’s trips. Not only this but the software even helps you form better relations with your clients and customers.

What is Fleet Management Software?

Fleet monitoring software is a technology that allows fleet operators to gain greater oversight of the trip, vehicles, and drivers. Since the software provides real time metrics on geolocation, alerts, and notification when the vehicles face any anomalies, it allows managers to intervene timely.

The solutions the software provides, like video telematics, driver behavior monitoring, and real time reports, allow managers to ensure that the drivers comply with the driving rules and regulations and do not indulge in risky driving practices.

What Are The Signs That You Need a Fleet Management Software?

If you are indecisive about whether you should invest in fleet management software or not, then let these disadvantages be the warning signs that make you realize that you need to invest in one.

Lack of Visibility

Being a fleet manager and managing a fleet is no joke. You struggle with gaining authentic information about the on ground activity of the vehicles. And because of the lack of visibility, you might find it hard to manage as well as make the timely decision for the fleet.

Unable to Guarantee Timely Delivery

Since you have no visibility of the fleet, it is hard to calculate the accurate ETA of the fleet. And being unable to guarantee timely delivery will ultimately affect the relationship you have with your customers.

Increase in Cost of Fleet Operation

Since you lack the solutions and features that let you optimize your fleet operation, you will have to suffer from an increase in expenses. And also, because of the lack of visibility, you will not be able to prevent your drivers from indulging in risky driving practices, which increase the speed of wear and tear of vehicles meaning increases in maintenance expenses.

Increase in Vehicle Downtime

Not being able to detect when your vehicle requires maintenance or repair increases its chances of unannounced breakdowns. An increase in downtime of vehicles will have a negative effect on your logistics business.

Decrease in Productivity

Having to manage and plan out tasks and fleet operations manually takes a toll on the productivity of the fleet managers and rivers. The constant calling to get updates will also distract the drivers.

What Are The Benefits of Using Fleet Management Software?

Managing a fleet is not an easy task, as it comes with several challenges that the manager and feet must face and mitigate. But having fleet management software to help and assist makes it easier to eliminate these challenges and optimize fleet operation.

Manage Fleet Remotely

Having a fleet management platform lets you manage your fleet's daily operations remotely, even when the fleet is on the other corner of the world or country.

Increase Vehicle Lifespan

An efficient fleet management software provides visibility of the driver’s performance so that the managers can omit them from indulging in bad driving practices. This helps to increase the lifespan of the vehicles.

Improve Safety

The software enables the managers to monitor performance through video telematics and driver behavior monitoring solutions. This helps to prevent damage to the vehicles and ensure the safety of the drivers.

Reduce Costs

With solutions like route planning and fuel monitoring, managers ensure that there are no unnecessary expenses. Through the software's insights, it becomes easy for managers to detect the cost-consuming activities of the drivers, like idling and harsh braking.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

The software provides accurate ETA of the fleet and allows the company to guarantee timely and secured delivery of the goods. This helps to improve customer satisfaction.

Use TrackoBit to Manage Your Fleet

It is established that zero visibility of the fleet’s activity can harm the logistics company and the operation. It will eventually lead to an increase in expenses and the duration of the arrival of the fleet. All this ultimately leads to customer dissatisfaction. To prevent this from happening, it's best to invest in fleet management software.

TrackoBit is a fleet management software that offers cutting-edge solutions through which you can optimize your fleet’s operation.

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