What Are The Advantages Of Teak Wood Logs ?

by Vinni S. SEO Executive
Whether you are using it for furniture, floor or for any other such thing, teak wood has always been the solid wood material. Here in this following article, you will learn the advantages of using teak wood.

Benefits of using Teak Wood
There are several benefits of why you should be using teak wood instead of any other wood in your house or office.

It gives an Aesthetic Appeal
Teak woods are very attractive looking. It has a straight-grained pattern and a rich golden brown colour. Along with this teak wood furniture also feels amazing to touch as compared to the newly engineered alternatives wood such as MDF, plywood and even particle wood. There are several other hardwoods that are same as the teak woods but the beauty and texture of the teak woods make it so popular among the people these days.

These are strong and durable
Teak wood is a strong and durable wood that is obtained by the strong deciduous trees not only when they are compared to the softwoods from pine and mango but also when compared to other hardwoods from different species. This is the reason why one should choose furniture and another such thing that is truly made of teak wood logs and nothing else.

If you take proper care of the things made with teak wood it lasts for several years. This is the reason why we still get teak wood antique all across the world. If you wish to buy furniture that you, your children and even your grandchildren can use in future then surely you should choose teak wood furniture. Comparing the longevity of particle wood furniture, it lasts only for two to three years. The reason is that these are not so strong and often gets damaged while relocation or due to water. Teak wood is, therefore, a thousand times better than anything else.

Naturally resistant to termites and insects
Teak wood has natural oil in it that prevents the growth of any fungal strain, termites and even stops the growth of any insect that can cause damage to the wood. People who have termites and insects in their house eating up all the expensive furniture will know how beneficial this quality of the wood is.
As it can prevent termites and insects, thus, the life span of the wood is high, due to which the manufacturers are producing teak wood products in a huge quantity. Teak wood logs exporter West Bengal export this wood to various countries and they use it for their production as a raw material.

It is quite heavy in weight
Teak Wood logs supplier Siliguri is well known for the quality wood that they provide us with. It is been told that the heavier and denser the wood, the stronger it will be. This is the reason why it is claimed to be a very important trait to know how strong is the teak and how long it will last.

Therefore, teak wood is the best choice for people all over the world.

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