What are some Tips Before Buying a Water Purifier?

by Water Purifier Anjan Sengupta (Service Head)

Around 60% of the human adult body is made up of water. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and there is only 1% of drinkable water available in the world. Because of the pollution from chemical solvents of Industries & factories, dirt & germs from the atmosphere, even that 1% is becoming unfit for human consumption. Along with it, there are many water-borne diseases, which are spreading at an alarming rate, and people are realizing the importance of drinking clean water.

As a result, the demand for water purifiers has gone up, and the market is flooded with various brands of water purifiers. Here are a few parameters that you must consider before buying the best water purifier in India.

1.      Water Quality

Measure the quality of water you get at your home and then decide what kind of water purifier suits your requirement. Remember that the quality differs from one area to another. Some supplies of water are loaded with sediments, while others have invisible germs and viruses in them that can affect your health. The physical appearance of water also indicates if there are any sediments present in the water. The odor and taste can also point to the presence of dissolved impurities. If you see that the water is leaving behind white patches when kept in a steel utensil, then it signifies the quotient of hardness in the water.

In these types of cases, RO water purifiers are the best choice for you. RO filters have a semi-permeable membrane which can remove the tiniest of dissolved salts, metals, and impurities. Some heavy metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic present in the water can cause serious health issues.

2.      Daily Usage

First and the foremost thing is that you must analyze the daily consumption of water by your family. Know whether you need water only for drinking purposes or for the entire house. It will give you a fair idea about what kind of water purifier is indeed required. If your daily water consumption were quite high, you would require a high-power and higher output rate model that can effectively filter out a large supply of water. If the consumption is low, then you can easily go for a smaller water purifier. Always try to consider the number of users before purchasing this product.

3.      Purification process & Technology

The best way to select the best water filter amongst many brands of purifiers is to compare their purification technologies. The technology used for the purification can affect the quality of water. Every water purifier even has some mechanism to filter the contaminated water. Many labels for these specifications, like RO water filter, which stands for Reverse Osmosis treatment, use semi-permeable membranes to remove hardness, ions, metals, molecules, and larger particles from drinking water. There is UF, which stands for Ultrafiltration uses Hydrostatic pressure against a semi-permeable membrane in order to purify bacteria and viruses from water. TDS controller in purification technique controls the final TDS, hence affecting the taste.  pH Balance Technology in the latest water purifiers helps in balancing the pH Levels in water. It is also important to check a number of purification stages that are involved in water purification.

4.      Contamination

Bacteria, nitrates, pesticides, and lead can affect your health. If the salt and microbe content is high in the water, then it is also advisable to buy UV based RO water purifier. The UV destroys the bacteria and viruses’ ability to reproduce. The RO membrane then removes these dead germs, thus purifying the water to make it fit to drink.

5.      Comprehensive solution

According to your locality's quality of water, you can opt for a combination of one or more technology to purify the water. For example, if your area's water supply is highly contaminated and dirty, then RO+UF+UV purifier is best for you. 

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