Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet Initiate The Road Safety Rules

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People who don’t believe in wearing the helmet should once go to the neurosurgery ward of their city Hospital and observe the admitted patients.  At here most of the cases are heady injuries from accidents. In the case of head injuries, there is more risk of death or losing memory and different types of mental health-related problems. And this is only because they also don’t believe in wearing the helmet while riding motorcycles or any other two-wheelers. On the other hand, wearing a bike helmet is just like the first step toward following road safety rules. So at here question only big question is “What stops them to wear the bike helmet”, while it is stylish and safe for the riders.


Helmets are not only a necessity, but it is mandatory. In most of the cases of road accidents, there are almost 65% people who die are those who are riding two-wheelers and passionately ignored to wear motorcycle helmet. Funny but true, there are many people in India who feel pride in flouting traffic norms.


People feel uncomfortable in the bike helmets. Most of the people started riding bikes in their teenage and that age, they considered a helmet like something uncomfortable weight on their head which is spoiling their joy of riding. Maybe it is true to a certain degree, but only with the bad quality heavyweight helmets. A good quality helmet will be lightweight, hard to stop the penetration of any sharp & pointed objects and comfortable from inside to give you enjoyable riding. If you want to experience the real joy of comfortableness then you must buy Aaron Helmets.


Motorcycles or any other two-wheelers are considered most unprotected vehicles by the road safety experts. If an accident occurs with the bike, riders on the bike will definitely fall down and directly hit the surface. As well as, riders have to bear rain, summer, winter, hailstorms, flying insects and dust particles. And in this condition, motorbike helmets can stand against all these every time.


For the youngsters high speed has become a style statement, no matter they are driving a car or riding a sports bike. And the over speed is dangerous for both biker riders & car drivers, but for the drivers there is seatbelt but bikers are open for the heavy casualities. To this point many riders respond that they have excellent skills, may be they have but what about other co-riders or drivers on the road. Under such conditions, a bike helmet is the only hope.


As per the law or traffic rules, helmets are mandatory for both riders & pillion riders in many states or cities. Riding the bike by holding the helmet in the hand does not consider as wearing. In many states, it is necessary for the manufacturers of two-wheelers to sell the good quality helmet along with the bike.


Many people give excuses that they are traveling a short distance so there is no need for the bike helmets because there are no chances of the accident. But the truth is accident can happen anytime & anywhere unexpectedly, no matter you are going for shopping, just hanging out with friends always wear the helmet and ask pillion rider to do so.

In few words, riding a bike without a helmet is just like a suicide attempt. And if you are giving the illogical excuses like there is only 1% chance of the accident, but this 1% can come anytime. And logically you should wear the helmet for that 1%. Always wear a bike helmet and be a hero and motivate other members of your family and neighbors too.

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