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Sirf Tum brings a romantic tale characterizing fixation and the restrictions of frenzy. The story spins around the two heroes Ranveer and Suhani. They are total opposites in their characters, family foundation and ways of life. And still, at the end of the day, Ranveer frantically falls head over heels from the get go with the straightforward looking Suhani. House of Zwide Ranveer gets drawn to her effortlessness. Suhani tries to turn into a specialist. She needs her emphasis on her fantasies, yet destiny has different plans. Suhani turns into the sovereign of Ranveer's heart. Ranveer's adoration becomes uneven. He invests every one of his amounts of energy to win Suhani's affection, despite everything.

Primary Characters:

Ranveer is a youthful, attractive, solid disapproved of individual, brought into the world in a rich and powerful Oberoi family. He doesn't have great terms with his father Vikrant. Skeem Saam He cherishes his mom Mamta a great deal. The fact that Vikrant doesn't regard Mamta makes him hurt. Ranveer has a lot of sympathy in his heart, however not in his activities. He seems pompous, severe tongued and irritable to other people, yet he is awesome on a fundamental level. Only few can see his actual heart, taken cover behind his impolite way of behaving. Ranveer falls head over heels for Suhani.

She is a straightforward and simple young lady with enormous implicit dreams. She is routine to remain inside constantly. She is frightened of her father and grandmother's attitude. Suhani is near her mom. Suhani has a fantasy to turn into a specialist and procure a name. She needs to do right by her folks. She needs certainty. She is great in examinations and procures a clinical seat in similar school where Ranveer review. Suhani is raised under limitations. She dares to experience passionate feelings for, or acknowledge somebody's affection.

Vivian Dsena as Ranveer Oberoi
Eisha Singh as Suhani Sharma
Puneett Chouksey as Anshul/Ansh Oberoi
Sonyaa Ayodhya as Riya Mehrotra
Jasjeet Babbar as Swamini Devdas Sharma
Nimai Bali as Vikrant Oberoi
Sanjay Batra as Rakesh Sharma
Eva Ahuja as Sudha Rakesh Sharma: Rakesh's better half
Anil Dhawan as Sadanand Oberoi
Kajal Pisal as Garima Vikrant Oberoi
Shalini Kapoor Sagar as Mamta Vikrant Oberoi

Story Up until this point:
Ranveer and Suhani's story starts with the presentation of their families. Suhani is seen brought up in a rigorously focused family. Ranveer is a free-bird, who doesn't put stock in limitations. He doesn't submit to anybody, not even his dad. Ranveer does what he needs to do. He adheres to his standards to not allow anybody to run him. Suhani is viewed as a young lady without her very own voice. She feels terrified of her father, Rakesh. She advises her mom Sudha that she needs to compose the clinical selection test. She is fit for turning into a specialist. Sudha has confidence in Suhani's abilities.

Sudha needs to carve out a decent opportunity and afterward converse with Rakesh about Suhani's confirmation in the co-ed clinical school. Suhani is anxious about the possibility that that Rakesh won't ever concur for the confirmation. Suhani attempts to converse with him, however he leaves for his work. Suhani tracks down his document at home. She thinks he took some unacceptable record along. She pursues Rakesh to give the document. Her dupatta tumbles off her shoulders. She gets seen by certain folks in the path. Rakesh tracks down Suhani to blame. He brings her back home and reproves her for her juvenile way of behaving. He believes her should realize that she has grown up at this point.

He needs to safeguard his girl from awful sight. Rakesh discovers that she came after him to give the document. He pardons her and goes for his work. Suhani addresses her companion Riya and goes to the clinical school to get the affirmation structure. Ranveer is the chief of a football crew. He is required the game. Everybody anticipates Ranveer at the arena, yet he is seen on the roof doing stunts. A young lady lets Ranveer know that these tricks should be his warm up before the football match. She needs to kiss Ranveer. Ranveer is the heart breaker of the school.

The young lady goes near kiss him. Ranveer limits the young lady. He takes her before the whole school. Ranveer requests that the young lady dare kiss him now. The young lady takes off from that point. Ranveer shows his madness. He pursues the young lady to stop her. Suhani gets the affirmation structures. She goes over Ranveer. Her structure gets torn by him. Suhani begins crying that the confirmation structure got torn. She tells that the affirmation counter is shut. Ranveer tells that he will get a structure for her. Ranveer gets the structures for Suhani. He doesn't see her and goes for the football match. Ranveer meets his folks on the stage. His folks are the main visitors for the occasion.

Ranveer acts alienated with Vikrant. Vikrant feels disregarded. He advises Mamta that they will leave to keep away from additional embarrassment. Ranveer gets the triumphant scores for his group. The rival fellow discusses Ranveer's sister to incite him for a battle and get him precluded. Ranveer slams up the person on the fields. Suhani searches for Riya. She arrives at similar spot and falls in the battle. Ranveer stops on seeing Suhani. He sees her interestingly and feels all consuming, instant adoration. Ranveer gets her face caught in his eyes.

Suhani finds him like a thug and takes off from that point. Afterward, Suhani addresses Rakesh about her confirmation. Sudha advises Rakesh that Suhani needs to seek after a physician certification. Rakesh doesn't stop Suhani this time. He urges her to really focus in and become a specialist. He likewise consents to finish her affirmation in the co-ed school. Ranveer meets Suhani in the school by and by. He planned to get rusticated for the battle episode. Ranveer discovers that Suhani has joined the school. He meets Rakesh, who works for Vikrant Oberoi. Rakesh gives Suhani's liability to Ranveer. Ranveer assumes up Suhani's liability, understanding his affection for her. He is sorry to the senior member and gets his rustication dropped. Ranveer and Suhani start to bond.

Our Take:
The story isn't the least bit new. The crowd can relate this story to various hindi films. Aside from the story, the following lacking point here is an excess of unsurprising portrayal. A few diversion components might have been added to get some newness the plot. There isn't anything amazing about the discoursed too. The show battles in keeping up the fascinating show. Coming to the entertainers, the leads Vivaan and Eisha are notable, and demonstrated their acting ability in their prior shows. This show additionally demonstrates their normal acting abilities. Supporting cast are likewise a decent pack of entertainers. The crowd can anticipate that the show should bring a striking science between the leads. Just the frenzy and sentiment topping off in the romantic tale can raise the interest.

In general:
A fair endeavor by Varieties, yet at the same time a revamp. The leads are the USP of the show. Their science can be anticipated to become astonishing in the approaching episodes.

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