WandaVision: 5 Things To Remember From the MCU Before Starting The Series

by Alessia Martine

WandaVision is going to be one of the most famous and super-hit TV series on Disney+. Marvel fans are already waiting to watch Marvel content from last year, and WandaVision looks promising in fulfilling the desires of Marvel fans. WandaVision shall be the first project of Marvel since the film Spider-Man: Far From Home was released. The characters Wanda Maximoff and Vision first appeared in the film Avengers: Age of Ultron. The viewers are eagerly waiting for this series to be released on Disney+ on 15th January this year. In this article, we have listed the five things to remember from the MCU before starting to watch the series.

Wanda And Vision’s Powers Come From The Mind Stone

In the MCU, it has been shown that Wanda Maximoff and Vision get their powers from the Mind Stone, which is one such instance where the film differentiates from its source material or comics. She acquires the powers from the Stone while experimenting with Hydra. She possesses various powers, such as flight, telepathy, and telekinesis. Vision has been created by Bruce, Tony, and Thor by using the same technology that Tony utilized for JARVIS. He also possesses various powers such as density manipulation, energy blasts, flight, and durability.

They Took Down Ultron

Wanda and Vision both made their first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe through their first film. At the start, Wanda and Pietro, who is her brother, were accomplices of Hydra. Later, they get involved with Avengers after learning that the plan of Ultron is to destroy humanity.

Wanda Lost Her Brother In Sokovia

It is very sad that Wanda is the only Avenger who has lived in grief her entire life because of his brother Pietro’s death in the battle of Sokovia. Pietro sacrificed his life to one of Ultron’s bots in order to save the lives of a kid and Hawkeye.

A Conflict Between The Avengers

A handful of years back, the Avengers had divided ideology and viewpoints within their group, due to which their group broke up. It was all because of the mission that did not get success in Lagos. Captain America didn’t agree to accept the deal because according to him, the Avengers team was the perfect defense.

Wanda & Vision Were Together For Some Time

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has shown us the beautiful relationship between Wanda and Vision prior to the Civil War. But, after the commencement of the Civil War, the couple had to face its consequences. Wanda became a fugitive along with many other members of the team Avengers such as Black Widow and Captain America. Vision also went off the grid in order to spend some moments with his love Wanda.


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