Volleyball Drills for Kids

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Best youth volleyball practice drills will run a little faster than the volleyball drills you would encounter in high school and college. Those more advanced drills will focus more on precision and technique while these drills below have more of a fun factor and will go faster. This is to ensure their younger attention spans stay engaged on the court. Adding time limits to volleyball drills for kids will also help them focus on the task at hand and introduce the feeling of pressure on the court. When pressure is introduced, players can learn to help encourage each other and learn better team skills.

Hit the Floor

This is a great warm-up exercise for kids. After you finish doing their standard routine of running and simple exercises like jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and push-ups, have their kids line up across the serving line. You will need a whistle for this drill. If you do not have a whistle, then you can yell “hit the floor” when it is time. However, a whistle is a good instrument for better precision in starting and stopping drills. This is a good investment if you will be coaching volleyball or running drills with kids.

Beach Ball Volleyball

When you are working on Seal beach volleyball drills for elementary students, sometimes they may have trouble connecting well with the actual volleyball. It is good to mix in this drill, especially in the beginning, to help kids learn the right way to hit the ball.You will need a medium-sized blow-up beach ball for this drill. You want it to be larger than a volleyball, but not a massive size that ruins the proper way that youth need to work on passing and setting the ball.

Pass and Swing

No matter what age or skill level, the one thing that players want to do is spike the ball. It is one of the fun elements of the game. However, when you are dealing with finding easy volleyball drills for kids, it can be hard to find a drill that they can keep up with in terms of skill level.For this simple drill, you will have the players form a single file line off to the right side of the court. The person running the drill will stand in the setter’s front middle position area.

Amoeba Serving

Serving drills can get a little boring since there is not much movement involved in the drill. To help keep young players more diligently working on their services, then this is one of the best fun volleyball drills for youth to help them work on their serve.To start, have a helper or the coach go and sit in the back middle of the opposite side of the court. This is serving zone number 6 and a good target for children to learn how to serve to.

Volleyball drills for kids are a great way to get them into the game and learning more about how volleyball works. With fun and engaging drills, youth will be able to develop the right technique while having a good time learning more about volleyball.Each of these drills offers a simple and basic design that you can build on further as young kids get the hang of how to play the game.

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