Virtual Reality in the Entertainment Business: Analysis of the Promising Field

by James Burton Turnkey Online Casino Software Solutions

Cutting-edge technologies have always attracted the attention of many people. Various industries are trying to use the latest inventions to simplify interaction with customers and engage new audiences.

VR tools provide all the opportunities for rapid development in the 21st century. The gaming area is trying to get the most out of this breakthrough format today.

Is VR gambling so promising and profitable in modern conditions? Let us find the answer to this question.

Some Intriguing Historical Facts

When it comes to virtual reality technology, most people consider it a cutting-edge invention. However, the first attempts to create a special entertainment space were made back in the 50s.

The first VR machine was created in 1956. This gadget was called Sensorama. It was a cabin with a small 3D screen and a seat that vibrated to make the user's experience more realistic. This device was created for viewing short films.

The development interested the representatives of different spheres. As a result, advanced VR and AR devices began to be used in lots of areas — security services, space industry, design, etc.

Check out some important dates, which influenced the evolution of the technology:

  • 1956 — the invention of the first VR device Sensorama;

  • 1961 — the development of the Headsight tracking tool;

  • 1966 — the production of stereoscopic 3D glasses GAF Viewmaster;

  • 1968 — the presentation of the graphics instrument Sword of Damocles AR;

  • 1980 — the creation of the earliest portable AR device Eye Tap;

  • 1984 — the production of the first commercial equipment;

  • 1985 — the use of VR hardware by NASA astronauts;

  • 1990 — the creation of the gaming system Virtuality;

  • 2014 — the release of the innovative device HTC Vive, which caused the onset of a new wave of popularity for virtual gambling.

The first VR equipment reminiscent of modern gadgets appeared in the 80s. The set consisted of glove controls and a headset. It is noteworthy that the devices were intended for commercial sale.

They were available to anyone who could afford to spend $100,000. There was also a more affordable kit that cost $50,000. However, this amount was large too. Only very wealthy people could buy such gadgets.

Significant advances in the development of computer technology in the 21st century have allowed manufacturers to make VR equipment more affordable. This feature is a great advantage for casino operators wishing to occupy the niche of virtual gambling.

The Future of the Format

Why is it profitable to buy VR casino software nowadays? Consider a few worthy reasons.

Reduced Equipment Cost

VR gadgets are still rather expensive. Nonetheless, their price is quite affordable for many gamers. In addition, various manufacturers are constantly striving to reduce the price of such equipment. For example, special devices for using a smartphone as a headset have appeared on the market.

Of course, they are not analogous to high-grade gadgets. Nevertheless, this is a huge step forward towards the popularisation of the up-to-date gaming format. This means that t more potential customers of virtual casinos will appear in the future.

By the way, the high cost of VR gadgets is not an absolute disadvantage. The availability of such equipment testifies to the high paying capacity of consumers. As a result, operators gain access to a solvent group of prospective clients.

Full Immersion in the World of Entertainments

Regular online casinos do not imitate the atmosphere of gambling establishments to the full. At the same time, breakthrough VR software lets players forget about all their problems and worries. They are completely immersed in the world of unforgettable emotions.

The combination of VR or AR solutions with live content is an ideal variant. The presence of a real dealer will become an essential element for creating the vibes of a land-based gaming club.

Thanks to VR technology, players from all over the world can turn their mind to famous establishments located in Las Vegas, Monaco, Macau, Atlantic City, Tokyo, etc.

High Diversity of Directions

The industry of VR software development is aimed at different genres and themes. Many users think that virtual gambling is limited only to card games and roulette. Nevertheless, the providers offer lots of solutions for fans of online slots, sports betting, bingo, etc.

Although VR gambling is a fairly young area, the world's best vendors propose diverse solutions: NetEnt, Microgaming, Novomatic, etc.

How to Receive the Suitable VR Software?

The easiest and most effective way to purchase programs for virtual start-ups is to order a turnkey casino. Of course, an operator may establish contacts with each supplier separately. However, this approach will take a lot of time and effort. The acquisition of a ready-made resource will let you get an extensive selection of the best VR entertainments. Besides, you will receive some other benefits.

Here are a few of them:

  1. Fast permitting within any offshore territory.

  2. Stylish and relevant site.

  3. Durable and effective protection systems.

  4. Secure financial modules, etc.

The Main Things about Virtual Casino Games

VR gambling services are highly sought today. The widespread interest of gamers in this format has made it very lucrative and promising.

Here are some important facts about this up-to-date sphere:

  • the area of VR gaming has been developing for over 50 years;

  • modern equipment has become more convenient and affordable;

  • the format covers a wide range of genres and topics;

  • it is possible to buy a VR software package as part of a turnkey project.

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