Virgin River: 5 Reasons Hope is Endearing

by Alessia Martine

Virgin River is one of the most popular romantic drama streaming TV series. It is produced by Reel World Management. Virgin River premiered on Netflix on December 6, 2019. The story of the show mainly focuses on Jack and Mel, but the show boasts various other worthy characters as well. Virgin River is a quirky and small town that includes several strange and unusual characters like Hope McCrae. The character of Hope is portrayed by one of the most talented actresses in the cinematic world, Annette O’Toole. Many times in the show, the audience found Hope endearing. In this article, we have discussed the five reasons why Hope is endearing.

Loves Doc

Doc cheated on Hope early in their married life, and thus, she was extremely hurt by him. Her hurt gets stronger with the passing time, and it becomes very hard for her to get over this. At the starting of the show, they have been shown as separated but good friends. However, they love each other. When it comes to Doc, he is really not interested in any other woman and also tries to make up for the past. Despite being hurt by Doc, Hope tries to give another chance to Doc by bringing Mel in order to help Doc. This shows how caring Hope has been throughout the series.

Values Her Friends

Sometimes, Hope seems to be a kind of difficult person by being uncompromising and harsh, but above all, she values her friends. Hope cares for her friends and will do anything that goes in their favor. Like when Hope’s friendship with Jack nearly comes to break, she becomes very sad and hurt. She also asks Jack to become friends again, but he says that it is not possible for him to trust her, and it hurts Hope a lot. However, when Jack asks Hope for help in order to find a bigger house for him, she quickly comes and starts bargaining in order to get the best deal for him. This shows that Hope really values her friends.

Is Capable And Strong

In Hope’s marriage with Doc, she does not have much to do other than playing the role of a wife. She would not allow herself for that role once again if they get back together. Hope being the mayor of Virgin River is incredibly capable of handling things of her own and helps her community a lot. She is the one people can rely on as she puts on fundraisers, events, and more. She is an excellent role model for females.

Gives A Lot Of Herself To Others

Hope McCrae is a caring woman and cares for her community a lot. She helps Jack because she is the kind of person who values their friends but in reality, she wants to help anybody. In the second season of the series, the niece of Connie comes to live in the town of Virgin River. In order to partly help Connie and partly for her pride, Hope meets with Connie’s niece and offers her a meal as well. It was not required, but she still did this, which shows she gives a lot of herself to others.

Reaches Out To Mel About Grief

When Hope gets to know that Mel is a widow and she is living in grief, Hope shares her own loss with Mel, so that she could connect with Mel. She not only shares her story but also listens to the story of Mel as well. She just listens to Mel and holds her hand instead of giving her some sort of advice or trying to fix things.

In this article, we have discussed the five reasons Hope is endearing and concluded that Hope is a kind-hearted and gentle woman who values her friends, is strong enough to make her own decisions. However, there are things that fans do not like about Hope, but her likable qualities make her more popular.


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