Vastu Tips For Happy Married Life

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Vastu Shastra is an ancient science used in Indian architecture, which lays down certain principles for the construction of buildings so that the people who stay in them will experience success, happiness, and prosperity. It also deals with directions and sub-directions. All married couples go through tough times, at some point or the other. Sometimes the problems seem to crop up for no apparent reason. One reason for this could be Vastu defects in the house. When there are Vastu problems, it will block the flow of energy in the house, and this blocked energy can manifest as misunderstandings, fights, and arguments, which may even spiral out of control, causing misery to the inhabitants. A Vastu-enabled environment can channelize positive energies and help maintain a happy atmosphere.

In a house, the rooms are mostly in eight different directions - North, South, East, West, South-East, South-West, North-East and North-West. Besides, there is a central place termed ‘Brahmasthan’ where bedrooms should not be built, according to astrologers.

Here are some Vastu tips to ensure a peaceful and blissful married life:

South-West Direction Brings Happiness:

The South-West direction is believed to be the direction for a good love life and a blissful married life. This direction becomes imbalanced if there are any anti elements like air or water. Even a toilet can pose problems if it is in this direction. This imbalance can cause issues in love relationships and family bonding. It will also cause disputes. A big and open space in this direction, too, will bring bad luck to the resident. If there are big windows in a room, they should not be on the South-West side. Having windows in this position will bring health problems and cause anxiety to the residents. It will also cause disputes. They may have increasing debts, and their children may do poorly in academics. One remedy is to shift any toilet placed in this direction. If that cannot be done, keep a yellow shade or some shade of yellow, around the toilet seat. But do not use red, blue, and green colors in this direction. Pictures of love birds or sculptures can be placed in this direction, too.

North-West Direction for Intimacy:

In Vastu, the North-West direction is the direction of intimacy and attraction in a relationship. Any imbalance in this direction may negatively affect the sexual relationship between two people. This direction becomes imbalanced when anti-elements and other things are present. The couple should keep the bedroom in this direction. Keeping a photo of the couple together is one remedy. Shades of the color blue have a positive effect when placed in this direction.

North-East for Peace:

North-East is the Vastu direction for peace and mental clarity. But the head of the family should not live in this room. For the others, it does no harm. The kitchen or toilet should not be placed in this direction, as it may create an imbalance. The imbalance will manifest as a lack of mental clarity in the residents and cause disputes in the family. Using a very light shade of yellow, not building toilets or kitchens in this direction, are some remedies.

West for Auspiciousness:

Like the South-West direction, the West, too, is highly auspicious for keeping bedrooms. But if the entrance lies in the North-East direction, it may cause a rift among the family members. Keeping the entrance for the west directional bedroom in the east brings positive results.

Bedroom in South Direction:

There will be good results when the bedroom is in the South direction. However, if the entrance is from the North-East direction, it will block positive energies. For optimum results, it is better to consult a professional astrologer who is a Vastu expert, before designing the house.

Clock in Right Direction Brings Good Times:

The clock is a very important object to have in the room. But it should be hung in the proper direction for good results. Usually, the East direction is favored. But if it is not possible, it may be hung towards the north direction. These directions are very positive, says astrology.

Placing Air Conditioners:

Nowadays, air-conditioners are present in every room. If you want to keep an AC in your room, you should have it in the West or South direction. This rule is for room AC only. For a window AC, then it should be hung according to the window, as the Vastu changes. However, if your house is properly constructed in tune with Vastu specifications, then such small details don’t matter much.
Other Remedies to follow:

1. Never keep dried flowers in a bedroom. Flowers should be fresh always.
2. Keep the bathroom door closed always.
3. Don't place a mirror in front of the bed. Reflection in the mirror may cause arguments and misunderstandings between the couple.
4. The bed should be in the South-West corner of the room, and the head should face West.
5. Bedroom walls should be painted in earthy or neutral shades. Black, a color of darkness and negativity, is a no-no.
6. Pictures of temples, paintings showing water or water fountains must not be kept in the bedroom as it may trigger emotional outbursts.
7. Any decorative items should be kept in pairs in the bedroom.
8. Electronic devices like TVs, computers, etc., should not be in the bedroom. Couples should avoid also reduce the use of their phones in the bedroom.
9. The bed should be a queen-sized one with a single mattress. A double bed or double mattress should be avoided.
10. The bed should be a wooden bed. Avoid metal beds as they may create conflicts.

Following these Vastu remedies can help you to achieve a happy married life. If you are facing some problems in married life, seek the advice of a Vastu expert to find out if Vastu defects are behind it. You can find many good Vastu consultants online, too

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