Vaping Etiquettes Every Vaper Should Know

by Moe Abu Online Shop for Vape Juice

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to vaping or have been a longtime vaping enthusiast, vaping etiquette are something that every vaper should know about. Most vapers have a lingering question regarding where is it okay to vape. This is because, in the eyes of the law, vaping is considered equivalent to smoking. Nowadays, “no vaping” signs have become ever so prevalent. These events can lead to confusion among vapers and to help you deal with this common confusion, we have compiled a list of vaping etiquettes that you can follow. Read on.

Don’t Blow In People’s Faces

If you vape around people who don’t vape or smoke, you should be careful not to blow smoke in people’s faces. People take their personal space quite seriously. What tastes good to you is not what pleases a bystander and others. You should also be mindful that some people are highly sensitive to fragrances and may have concerns regarding your vape. So, it’s best that you vape away from people’s faces.

Maintain Your Vape Mods At Home

Sometimes you might want to perform emergency mod maintenance. But, it’s always to wait until you get home or use a bathroom or a utility sink to get your mod fixed. Avoid fixing mods in public. You don’t want to stain someone’s car seat or sofa while swapping coils. If you have to fix your mods, make sure that there is no risk of spilling your vape juice.

Ask Permission Before Using Someone Else’s Vape Device

This is an obvious one but one that needs to be reinforced. You have been observant enough, you may have noticed that friends casually pick up their friends’ vape devices. There isn’t anything wrong with it, but one must understand that some people don’t like their things being taken without their permission. Unless you and your friend are besties, you can always take things without their permission and they won’t mind it all.

Ask Before Vaping Around People

There are a lot of places where you can vape freely and nobody will question you. However, you have to be watchful when vaping around people and in public places. If you’re inside your house or in someone else’s place, it’s always a good idea to ask people for their permission before pulling your vapes. It could also be a wise decision to avoid using tobacco-flavored vapes when in public. This can easily confuse people into thinking that you are actually smoking cigarettes.

Don’t Market

Now, if someone walks up to you and wants to learn about vaping, then by all means tell them about your hobby. However, if someone doesn’t show any interest in vaping, avoid telling them about vaping and the world of vaping. Don’t try inspiring people by marketing your hobby.

Wrap Up

Yes, vaping is an enjoyable hobby and safe at the same time, but still, most people don’t understand the difference between vapes and smokes. Therefore, it is your responsibility to prevent offending people and of course, having good vaping etiquettes doesn’t harm one. With that being said, here’s something to cheer you up. If you’re looking for a premium quality vape shop online, make sure to visit TrueVapeUSA. We sell premium quality e-juices and vaping accessories that our customers enjoy.


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