Vaccinations essential for a woman during pregnancy

by Yogesh Mathpal Seo Executive

A woman should undergo some important vaccinations during pregnancy, so that the baby in the womb remains healthy. If she does not undergo some important vaccinations, then a child is born with defects. They protect the life of infants. Usually, such children suffer from pretussis or any life-threatening complications. 

Vaccines during pregnancy 

Flu vaccine

A woman takes flu vaccination during pregnancy because; it protects the babies from flu after birth. A woman should undergo during pregnancy before delivery because the babies below 6 months cannot be injected with flu even if they are suffering from flu. This vaccination can be taken during 3rd trimester.

Tdap vaccine

This vaccine is ideal for every pregnant woman during 2nd and 3rd trimester. This vaccine fights against the antigens in the body. So, the fetus in the womb does not develop antigens during pregnancy. It boosts the antibodies in the body and hence a baby is born with high immunity power. This maternal vaccination during pregnancy is essential. 

Pregnancy and Whooping cough

Whooping cough is a contagious disease that can easily spread to the fetus. This disease is not easily curable and hence if the mother is not immunized, then the risk for the baby is higher. This vaccination protects the babies against whooping cough for a short period. Then after they grow up as toddlers, they can be vaccinated if necessary. But, if the infants develop whooping cough, then they may stop breathing. 


This vaccination prevents the pregnant women from diphtheria. If a woman is injected during pregnancy, then the overall lung condition of the baby is fine. 

MMR vaccine

It protects a woman from rubella, measles and mumps. This vaccine should be given to a woman before her pregnancy. This vaccination should not be given during her pregnancy. 

So, above-mentioned are the vaccines to be taken during her pregnancy

Vaccinations during pregnancy

A woman should undergo most of the vaccinations before her pregnancy. If she is not vaccinated with any, as recommended by WHO chart, then immediately, she should undergo. The child does not suffer from any serious disease if the mother is already vaccinated even before pregnancy. The baby can get the best immunity protection during pregnancy if the mother is immunized.

A woman should also undertake the tetanus toxoid to prevent tetanus disease. This vaccination should be taken by a woman during the second trimester of her pregnancy. If a woman is travelling during her pregnancy, then she should undergo some vaccinations such as Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. 

Vaccines not to be given during pregnancy 

The vaccinations that consist of killed viruses should be administered to pregnant women. They should not contain viruses that are living. Even other vaccinations such as measles mumps, chickenpox, or shingles should be not being given to a woman because they contain live viruses. So, if a woman is planning to be pregnant, then she should consult a doctor and undergo those vaccinations that are essential. Such vaccinations should be given at least a month before pregnancy. 

A woman should always take care of her health during her pregnancy. 

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